Is It True that MSN Free is going to be taken away?

I got 2 e-mails(chain mail) that says that, one started in England and the other one in the US, and I’m suspecting it’s just black mail. They ask for 500 signatures.

Does anybody know if they are going to take MSN Free away?
(Has anybody gotten a same chain e-mail?)

It’s bullshit.

What is MSN Free?

MSN Free is just MSN Messenger, but some people dub it MSN Free.

If it’s a chain letter, it’s a chain letter, and chain letters have never been known for being legitimate forms of communication. In other words, it’s not true.

As for your second question, I have not gotten the same e-mail. This could be due to the fact that I rarely get any mail, or it could be due to the fact that I tend to block people who send me stupid chain letters, regardless of who they are. :slight_smile:

You read about it in an e-mail? It’s scam.

HINT: If it’s in a chain letter, the answer is no.

I got a bunch of these, only they were for AIM

Yes, it’s true. But for 10 dollars, I’ll tell you how to get around it.


It’s complete bullshit, just like the messages that pop up in YIM saying that they’re planning to end the free service, and you’ll get your account cancelled unless you resend it to everyone in your contact list. They spread that every few months or so.

I know that Hotmail when used as webmail has build in authentication from trusted sourses, like their own.


Still, hotmail is quite leaky when it comes to spam. >.>