is it true???? (Linux question)

ok, I’ve been hearing this alot lately, Linux is for people who are just trying to be different, and I’m curious as to why people actually do use Linux over say Windows or Mac. Having never used Linux I’m not sure why anyone else would until I hear it from a user myself, what advantage does Linux hold over the other Juggernauts?

You can do pretty much everything you want with it. If you know how. Thus I’d highly suggest against you so much as touching it.

Most distributions are freeware, no license fees, and it’s very customisable when you know how.


Linux is for computer experts who hate Microsoft and want absolute control over everything they do, and who also don’t mind spending days or weeks configuring their system, installing new programs, installing the dependencies for the programs, installing the dependencies for the dependencies, figuring out that half of the dependencies conflict with the other half, and then finding that everything else has all the wrong version numbers.

But you can run crontabs!!!

Sweet, sounds like something I would love! Ohh… Linux? I already have it… dang.

You can always pick up an enduser oriented distrobution like Ubuntu, Fedora, or Gentoo. Distributions like these are incredibly easy to use, and require little to no “knowledge” of linux/unix to run. You just run the install, select packages you want, and the system does the rest.

Just as long as you stick to a distribution that has a large userbase (better support when you have questions), and apt-get (or some kind of package management system), you’ll be fine.

If you use your computer for playing games though…you probably don’t want to uninstall windows, as you can’t play most games on linux. (well you can, with winex/cedega, but thats a different story)

It used to be like that. It can still be, but it isn’t anymore necessarily so. You’ll probably want to start out with a live distribution like Ubuntu Live or Slax or Knoppix. They boot from CDs/DVDs and will give you the feel without erasing your HDD.

oh wow, the only thing that I knew about it was that it spawned Frozen Bubble.

lol Cid. I’m saving this to show it to a friend that wiped out his disk and installed Linux to “try and see” back in December. He’s still trying to figure out what the hell goes where.