Is it possible to move a Windows install to a new hard disk?

I have a new 250 gb SATA drive that should arrive in a few days and I want to move all the crap off my old 80 gb PATA drive to it, as I don’t have physical space for both drives in my crappy oem case. I can’t reinstall Windows for a month due to leaving my cd back at uni when I came home for winter break and just want to know if this is possible and how it could be accomplished. The SATA drive will be running off a pci card due to the old and crusty nature of my computer.

You can ghost the hard drive, it makes an exact copy of the contents. Big companies and schools usually use a ghosting software, because it’s easier just to ghost a computer rather then to install and update all the software.

That should work nicely, yes. If you don’t want to buy Norton Ghost, GParted should be able to do what you need, though you’d probably have to recreate the boot record.

I’ve used Ghost before, it works quite well.