Is it just me?

Or does Big_Dizzy’s avatar move? I could swear he secretly uploaded an animated GIF, but I can’t check at a library computer.

I can’t right-click, either, so I can’t post the pic.


It doesn’t move. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just you.

Trillian’s avatar moves though. It’s very creepy.

Didn’t somebody (Dev?) used to have an animated jpg?

Animated JPEGs are an impossibility. Hell, the definition of a Jpeg is a a “Standard of compressing grey-scale and colored still images”. Of course, he could’ve renamed it .jpg, included a GIF header, and done it that way.

Trill stopped her avatar moving…it’s not nearly so creepy now…

It is a .jpeg. My computer is so shitty it doesn’t have animated .gif support.

you know , now that you mention it …its just you

Looks like it still moves to me.

Drink less coffee or something.

heh heh heh. >:)

Okay trilly, this just freaked me out so bad that I saved your avvie and opened it in psp to see if it has more than one frame or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was much cooler when it moved, Trillian.
EDIT: Wait, it still does! YES!

It it switching on and off or something?

Yeah. A gif that switches on and off. One of the new accomplishments of modern technology. -_-;;;;

Damn you, crafy technology. With you boob mouse pads and youron and off .gifs. You are a worthy adversary. Not like Darth Vader, worthy, but like, really hard crossword worthy.

I don’t know, when you look at it, it seems to kind of… waver back and forth. Watch it for a while, you’ll see what I mean.

It must be one of those ‘optical illusion’ thingies I’ve been hearing about.

And damn, your computer doesn’t have animated GIF support? It MUST be old. My old one could handle them and I had it for 10 years!

Nah, the Virii took it out. I system restored and it no longer had it. And if it is an optical illusion, my MS paint skills must be better than I thought.

Our question being answered, I claim sovereignty of this thread until lockage.