Is it just me, or...

Is the time a little bit off on the boards?

By about 16 minutes? Yep.

it’s closer to 20 by my watch, and it’s one of the ones that is controlled by an atomic clock.

When someone says ‘atomic’ I always have the urge to shout ‘ATOMICS!!!’ like Gurney in the Dune movie. :frowning:

off by sevn here, and is also powered by an atomic clock. This means ONE OF US IS WRONG! WHICH IS IT?!

Off by 8 here. Atomic clocks all 'round, only death’s is wrong.

Im surprised that you guys even pay attention to the clock on the boards…

The clock is off? I haven’t noticed…

When did the board get a clock?

It show what time you posted somthing over every post… My guess is that is what they mean by the “clock”. Either way, what does this clock even have in relevance to the boards? I mean, why does what time you made a post matter?

It’s because Merl’s an idiot, and rather than letting vBulletin’s DST feature take care of, well, the DST, he does it himself on the server clock.

It’s off by 6 hours here…

Xelo, fuck you. I’ve spent between 2-3 hours at various times trying to fix the forum clock, and this is the closest I’ve come.

According to my watch the clock is accurate. I had to change my User CP time zone from East–>Central for it to be on time with my account, but hopefully its accurate hour-wise.

Well I’m just saying that screwing around with the clock on the server isn’t that great an option when vBulletin has a built in function to compensate for DST.


Merl, its okay, I never noticed we had a clock until now.

Well since there’s a clock on the start bar, why not get rid of this one? Would stop the bitchin’ and a hollerin’.

now the clock is being about 7 hours and 10 minutes fast 0_o

Mine’s off by just an hour. I agree with Pierson, if it’s such a pain take it off.

Yay, it is just a minute fast according to my computer’s clock.