Is infinite Undiscovery worth paying $10 dollars for?

Best Buy’s got it on sale now (Along with Devil May Cry 4, Soul Calibur 4 and Condemned 2). I know it’s a fairly middling RPG, but is it at least worth that much? Sin?

It is without a doubt one of the worst games I have played in years. The story is predictable, but badly presented. The voice acting is terrible. The script is funny for the wrong reasons. The graphics are extremely dated, I’m talking early PS2 era-ish. The characters are intolerable. The combat chat is downright embarassing. It is not worth 10 dollars. If you want to spend 10 dollars that badly, I can give you a long list of much better titles. This is not a midling RPG. This is an abomination. It should be presented on a pedestal to game designers everywhere as what to NOT do. In EVERY way.

Is there a link to these offers? I may pick up DMC4 and SC4 for cheap at work if I can comp the prices.

Man, that game sounds so bad that I’m wildly intrigued. Tri-Ace, for SOME reason, is heralded as some really amazing developer of RPGs, so to see a Tri-Ace game so caustically recieved means that it HAS to be T_E_R_R_I_B_L_E.

They’re around. I guess Yahoo had a list of titles.

I got it anyway. Heh. Oh well.;jsessionid=WK5CZA5EXO3BHKC4D3D$$$Q?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&id=pcat17080&type=page&lcn=Video+Games+%26+Toys&sc=gameToySP&st=Fast3sku18&usc=abcat0700000&cp=1&sp=%2Bcurrentprice+skuid&nrp=15&qp=crootcategoryid%23%23-1%23%23-1%7E%7Eq70726f63657373696e6774696d653a3e313930302d30312d3031%7E%7Ecabcat0700000%23%230%23%2319r%7E%7Ecabcat0701000%23%230%23%233z%7E%7Enf396%7C%7C4f6e2053616c65&pagetype=listing&AID=10597222&PID=1312731&

The Tales studio is vastly superior to the rivers of diarrhea flowing from Tri Ace. Its pretty clear why the hell they keep selling. Its because they have a very narrow niche audience. It becomes obvious when you look at garbage like this and SO. Stupid, shallow anime bullshit.

Thanks gamer :slight_smile:

Man. That is SO. GROSS! lmao.

…God I have to try this game some time, just to see how bad it is.

Judging from the reviews, it really isn’t that bad. The worst things about it is framerate issues, and too many characters to manage over a shorter than average (for a squeenix RPG) amount of time. Music is good, v/o sucks, and sidequests just involve fetchquests. It’s not like it’s an unplayable mess like Last Remnant.

I’m not even sure why you trust most reviews, but okay. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides that, consider this: It’s not a Square-Enix game. It’s a tri-ace game.

The music is meh. The graphics don’t have much of a frame rate issue actually. That’s TLR’s problem. Its a problem with the animations themselves. You’ll understand when you see why I said the graphics are extremely dated and badly done. Most of the enemies are canon fodder and button mashing. The combat is pretty badly done when it comes to boss fights, they are especially infuriating. They have a mechanism by which you have to break a shield, damage the boss, break the shield, damage the boss.

The main character , Capell, is the stereotypical anime male eunuch who is dragged throughout everything against his will by an overbearing emotional female idiot lead. That’s not even the most embarassing part of the game. Imagine playing a game where all you do is perform skills like “Dancing Rhapsody”, which he screams every time he does it in a high pitched voice.

My favorite part is when Capell is super pissed off (after a certain “dramatic” event) and he keeps screaming “Dancing Rhapsody” angrily during battles. Hilarious (in a bad way).

Also, I second everything Sin said about this game. I don’t remember framerate issues either. I wouldn’t say that’s one of the biggest problems, at least. I don’t think I ever did any sidequests, except maybe trying to find Aya’s stupid bear. The actual storyline already includes enough frustrating things to do anyway: 1) trying to escape from the prison at the beginning, then running through a forest at night while being constantly attacked by bats and having no idea where you’re going; 2) escorting a group of old villagers with HP bars through the desert while being attacked by birds and shit; 3) trying to find your way through a forest/swamp maze to get to a hermit dude who looks like an ugly girl (similar to the snowfly forest in Vagrant Story); 4) the list goes on.

OH MAN THE FUCKING ESCORT QUEST! OH GOD THAT WAS FUCKING AWFUL. My jaw just fucking dropped when I saw that I had to do that. I couldn’t fucking believe it. It was really a single player MMO gone bad.

The game starts off badly as walhalla said, with the prison escape. You have to run up a tower and kill enemies and break boxes while being pursued. The combat is clumsy so its not really possible to break the stuff and kill the enemies because as soon as the ogre chasing you catches you its game over. On top of it all, you have to blow stuff up with your bow and arrow using a slow, imprecise and frustrating system that requires you to stand still while you awkwardly aim and assuredly miss.

Yeah, the part where he becomes angry Capell is really funny, but for the wrong reasons.

Hahahaha, wow. Now I can’t wait.

This game sounds less fun than a razorblade blowjob.

I thought the story was all right and really funny at some points. Plus Capell gets to bone Aya. Any game where the main character get some is all right in my book.

However, the repetitive battle system and fetch quests ruined it for me. The sheer size of towns that you did these quests were in is inexcusable.

This is relevant, probably.

Lol, that was great.

Great video. Now I can see why people don’t like the main character that much.