Is Hawkgirl doomed??

Here’s a very interesting interview with Maria Canals, the voice actress of Hawkgirl in Justice League. It sounds to me like her character will be killed off in the Season Finale… hope you people enjoy it too.

BTw, I read (elsewhere) that among the characters who will appear next season are Plastic Man and Red Tornado- favorites of mine! :cool:

…damn. I really liked Hawkgirl.

Hawk Girl sucks

Poor Flash. Now he’ll never nail her. ;.;

Oh, and that’s, uh, kinda a bummer, as I kinda dug Hawkgirl. Oh well… as long as it’s The Joker who takes her out, I’m good.

imagines Hawkgirl with a new and improved SMYLEX face

That sucks. Hawkgirl was pretty cool.

Considering Hawkgirl reincarnates and has been married to the same guy for each of her lives (Hawkman)… Flash would never boink her.

Seeing Plastic Man and Red Tornado would be cool though.

Plastic man??? As long as he doesn’t have the chick with the southern accent chasing after her with Plastic Boy in tow…

< /obscure Hanna Barbera cartoon reference>

Do I care??


Free post for Dominic! :slight_smile:

Anyway: I’m just GUESSING that Hawkgirl will die… tho’ other sources I’ve seen confirm a major character will die.

Besides, other rumors I’ve heard mention the Season Finale will be about a Thanagarian invasion of Earth (Hawkgirl’s people) and will include her former lover- HAWKMAN.

It WOULD be a pity to lose her. Her attitude (and romance with John Steward) gave the series a flavor most other such toons don’t have.

And it was an episode featuring the Joker where she admited her love for John, so there you go, Kaiser!

StarStorm: That’s the comic book Hawkgirl. Typical convoluted comics story.

X-Countryguy: Yeah, I remember THAT Plastic Man cartoon! brrr!

You know people, even if Hg DOES die, these are still superhero cartoons, she might return someway…

In the meanwhile, I wonder what strong female character would replace her. Black Canary?

Black Canary sucks way more than Hawk Girl does.

I generally don’t like Super Hero cartoons - they always seem really corny. JLA and TT included.

That is a shame, I don’t like it when they kill off one of the main characters. Unless it is one of those things that can not be avoided.

Here’s a site with info on the Justice League Season Finale, as well as the plans for the NEXT season.

Also on this page is a lot of info on other Comic Book projects, such as the next Batman movie.

Note, one of the links in this page takes you to a site with a LOT of scenes of the JL Finale. Do not check unless you (like me) don’t mind spoilers.

Cant superman just fly around the world and go back in time?

Yeah I didn’t think they’d off HG. Although it looks like they’re still writing her out of the show as much as possible even though from what I can tell she has some scenes. Who knows, JLA rocks so I’m eager to see what they’ll cook up next.