Is GWB the son of Bush Sr. or just a clone

This is a question that I absolutely am puzzled by(just kidding), but for all you pollers out there…here goes.

Is George W. Bush
[li]The son of George Bush Sr.
[/li][li]A Genetically altered clone of George Bush Sr.
[/li][li]No Opinion
[/li][li]GWB is a fat idiot and this poll is senseless.

More on that at 6 o clock…back to you

Well I think he may actually be the son of G-dub Sr., but the resemblance is too striking for me to confirm that…he may very well be just a clone(note inferiority in every aspect to someone else who isn’t any better)

GWB is the fat, cloned son of Bush Sr…

Well, see, normally when people are the children of other people, they can be very similar. And besides the scientific impossibility of Dubya actually being a clone, he’s obviously a different person, because Senior wasn’t this bad.

lalala He’s an idiot son of an asshole lalala

I saw this in chalk on the road while in Seattle today:

“If you want to send your children off to war, then vote for the Shrub.”

lol, I love anti-bush propaganda.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Well I am speechless for now.

He’s just the son of George Herbert Walker Bush.

Also, he’s not fat. He’s considered rather healthy.

That’s right and I feel so alone, I live in Tennessee and I am one of the 3 out of 22 people in my class that if they could would vote for Kerry.