Is FFX-2 better than FFX and why

Being the out of work English boy that I am, I have yet to purchase Final Fantasy X-2. So I want your views on whether it is better than Final Fantasy X and why.

“Better” and “worse” don’t really come into it. It’s a different type of game. If you like games that are more fast-paced and have quite a bit of eye candy, or if you’re a big fan of the job system, you might enjoy FFX-2 more. If you’d rather have a coherent story, memorable characters, and decent music, FFX would be better. You might just want to rent it before buying it.

I didn’t think it was better so much as it was just different from FFX. Now, I’ve only gotten one ending so far, and from what I understand it was the “worst” one, but I really like the game.

I feel in a way that comparing the two games is like comparing apples and oranges. The skill building is completely different, except for armors/accessories granting different abilities. The story is different - Spira’s a different place from what it was in FFX, and the focus is different, not quite being so unbelievably apocalyptic as in FFX. There are a lot more things that can be done in FFX-2 that don’t have to be done for completing the game.

I think that the game itself is worth at least a rental since it’s different in so many ways from the typical FF game. Not everyone’s going to just love it to death. I rented it, and I ended up going out and buying it before the rental period was up.

edit - Man, Cid, did you borrow my brain?

Well…it’s different…the music SUCKS!!! But other then that, and the math, its a good game…

I kinda like a lot of the music. Particularly the Zanarkand song…

It depends on your own personal tastes which you’ll prefer. I personally preferred FFX, as I thought the storyline and characters had more depth to them and I thought X-2 was probably a little short. Yuna and Rikku were probably my least favourite characters from X which didn’t help. That said, I really did love X-2. The dressphere system seemed to work well, and there’s fantastic replay value, as you can’t get 100% on your first time through the game and there are different endings to obtain.

  • Eye Candy
  • Job System
  • Eye Candy
  • Fast Battles
  • Rikku
  • Yuna
  • Paine
  • Eye Candy
  • Sidequests
  • Eye Candy
  • Personal Tastes
  • Lots of skin
  • Little plot
  • Shallow characters
  • Pretty easy

I just finished FFX and have played parts of FFX-2 and think that they are both about the same.

Cid pretty much hit the nail on the head…however it seemed to me like they were trying to tick me off personally. It also seemed to me like X was a story that ended on a very good note to end on. Sure, you kinda (okay no one read on if they haven’t beaten X) don’t know the deal with Tidus (superman reborn in space kinda thing), and there are unanswered questions. But GOD DAMN why did they have to take everything good about that game and pee on it, and not just normal pee, the kinda you have after eating asparagus.


P.S. I can only feel anger after what PSM said about the lack of summons: you don’t need summons because you got to see them change clothes.

Call me a Snagglepuss, that doesn’t make me feel better. I don’t want to live in a Spira without summons and i wouldn’t have had to, if the they hadn’t made X-2.

While the battle system in FFX-2 is indeed fast and fun, you’ll be bogged down in even more battles than in FFX. Just as a warning, some parts of the game do move a little slow. It seems that you’ll spend an hour straight of random battles every thirty seconds, then hit a non-action part that seems so dragged out that you’ll want to get back to the battles.

That said, I’ve found the game to be very fun, and while the story does seem to be serious so far, the game does have an overall light-hearted tone and a good sense of humor - some of the things the characters say are hilarious, especially the battle quotes that are dependent on the dress spheres you wear (don’t know about you, but hearing Alchemist Rikku say “Not knowing what you get’s half the fun!” epitomizes the idea of a mad scientest for me).

The token minigame of FFX-2 is based on math, a departure from Square’s fascination with cards, but I found it to be fun, if a little frustrating when it gives you bad numbers (for anyone who’s played, getting a “1” as your center sphere three times in a row when you NEED to be doing chains to win is just painful. It’s why I don’t have the Lady Luck dressphere).

My friends describe the good, but not “great”, ending as an absolute must see. They finished the game at 99.9% going for the best ending, so they just ended up using a cheat to see that, and the verdict was that the good ending was still probably the best.

personally i didnt like the job system i think its better with a straight forward story line…and another thing that bothered me - there are no limit breaks/overdrives/ect. i think they are the best part about a final fantasy fight!


The “best” ending is exactly the same as the “good” ending, just with an extra scene.

I like all FF games, excluding FFCC, since it gets extremely boring after playing through 21 years in the game in single-player mode. Personally, I think FFX-2 is great~ lotsa eye candies ta see~ the voice acting is great~ and I really like the story of the game! The perfect ending makes you ponder whether or not the you know who would be staying with Yuna for the rest of his life, or just for a short period of time.

The games are just different. As you can see here, some people love and otehrs don’t care for it. I like it, but a little disappointed. I like the new game+ though, it ups the replay nice and fits in perfectly with what I like to do in RPGs (build up a powerful character and beat the the crap out of everything).

i thought both games were great. but i was only able to beat it once since it was a rental. the bad ending for x2 was just depressing. yuna dosent get tidus back and she probly dies a single virgen :moogle:

She cant be a virgin she had that special time with Tidus in FFX…didnt she? any way there are a few different types of ending…there is the normal ending by completing the game on any %…there is the good ending, you get this by doing different things throughout the game, like you have to tap circle in the farplane and there are other things to do as well…and there is the ending with the extra cg scene by completing the game with 100% completion!!!

Good points

-Free to explore…X’s travel system made me feel claustrophobic until you get the Highwind (yes it’s called the Highwind)
-Fast paced and amazingly smooth battle system
-Some fun sidequests
-The choice between the story and sidequests

Bad points

-LeBlanc’s outfit…ugggh!
-The LeBlanc massage scene
-Some horrible music (Chocobo Theme, anyone?)
-Totally messing around with some of the FFX characters (cough, cough…Yuna, the high summoner, a conservative and kindly woman, wearing that outfit and wielding a gun? Puh-leese.)
-Anal story requirements for “perfection”. I got cheated out of my Mascot because I forgot to talk to Lian and Ayde on the Thunder Plains when I did everything else correctly!
-Bosses in Via Infinito in floor 60-100 REQUIRE Cat Nip.
-Digging for crap in Bikanel is very irritating if you don’t use Chocobos
-Too much skin is exposed in some of those outfits…I like White Mages, Mascots, and Trainers, but Lady Luck costumes make me feel sick.

It’s been expressed already, but FFX and FFX-2 are different in a LOT of ways. It depends on your tastes. All I’ll see is that if you hate linear games, you’ll probably like X-2 better. X-2 is so non linear that getting the Perfect Ending requires you to do an insane amount of things. If you like something straightforward, you’ll probably prefer FFX.

I don’t think X-2was much better than X…X took me a few weeks, playing maybe a half hour a day or so, to beat, plus the plot was a lot thicker. X-2 took me around four days to beat, though I didn’t get the special ending. It’s a little reminescent of MGS:2: Sons Of Liberty, in that it’s 60% eye candy 40% actual gameplay. If I were you, I’d rent it, since I was disappointed to beat it four days after buying it.