Is FF9 worth finishing?

I mean i’ve had this game for over a year and a half now, i got up to the part where Kuja sent me to some town ( Olievert… or something) to retrieve something… I kinda enjoyed playing it up to that point, but well i kinda got away from it for awhile…

So should i spend the time to start playing it again? Or should i just move on to another game? I mean the characters aren’t really that great, and the LOAD times for battles drive me insane…

:fungah: <------ Me wondering…

To answer: Not really. There are many better games.

I hate to leave a game unfinished. it makes me feel like a quitter, and I never quit.

Well, if you haven’t liked it up to this point, chances are you won’t want to finish it. But I would recommend you do; there’s a really fun sidequest you can do a little further into the game.

Since I thoroughly enjoyed the game from start to finish (more or less), I can’t say whether you’ll like the next bit more than the previous bit. But it can’t hurt to try.

Yeah, I really loved the game until I got to the point where you are. Even after that, it’s hard to make myself play it again.

imo, it’s worth finishing just to say you beat it…

I’d finish it, I reckon that Olievert’s the worst part of the game, I really liked FF9 and I think you should try to finish it, although it’s really up to you.

Olievert is really tough but after that the game isn’t too hard. I think you should finish it 'cus the ending is so damn good!

[spoiler]Heh, heh, I liked all the little Vivies :slight_smile:

:hmm: I wonder if that’s the plural for Vivi? Would it be Vivi’s/Vivis?[/spoiler]

That better zhou?

that should DEFINATELY be in a spoiler tag, silverstorm…:stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, my bad again:thud:


But those Vivis were were so god damn hilarious though!

:)Yup, they rule. I always liked Vivi, one of the best characters in my opinion, what with being able to use magic and all.