Is ff9 particularly hard

I played ff7,8,and9 and I can’t help but notice that ff9 is particularly harder than the other two. In specific I think the earlier part is very hard from the time you’re out on the world map till you finish fighting the waltz. I think I have the reason pinned: in ff7 I used Aeris’ healing wind often to heal everyone, I could go on the world map for ages without using potions or mp. In ff8 it was even easier, just draw and cast cure! In ff9 how do you heal effectively in the early parts.

Aw, you have to learn how to manage your resources, oh the horror, the horror…

Quina can learn healing wind…

If you ask me the hardest part of that game was the boss Gizmaluke.

Yep, you do have to use a lot of potions and they do run out! So you have to be careful with them.

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Aw, you have to learn how to manage your resources, oh the horror, the horror…

What? I like reasonably easy beginnings, is that such a crime?

bleh, ff9 is eZ

Yes, FF9 was pretty straight forward.Keeping a healthy stock of potions is just common knowledge in an RPG…or maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist that I need to have my levels up a lot and have many many potions boughten…

It’s very easy to manage your resources in FF9. You buy a few phoenix downs, some antidotes, and two tents. Then you fight around for about half an hour, and load up on as many potions as you humanly can. You’ll be set for a while, and won’t have to worry. It’s not like they make items for no reason ya know.

I think that he’s saying that FF9 made a change in gears to a more item using strategy. I prefer healing spells than to using items basically because I’m cheap when it comes to my gil :p. It’s the same thing in Final Fantasy Tactics, I didn’t realize what a benefit Auto-Potion was in that game in some places. Usually I steer away from things like that.

I think you nailed it, I am extremely cheap and I hate hate hate shops. I played fallout2, BG2, Ultima 7,8,9 and ff7,8 without ever ever buying anything, excpet maybe for the early parts of some games where I bought a few potions (bever armour).
In Diablo1 I only bought some potions before the butcher and then nothing, and in Diablo 2 I bought absolutely nothing from no one!

You went the entire FF7 without buying anything? O_o I know the game’s easy, but not THAT easy.

i usually buy armor and weapons on an rpg but almost never items, one time i went the whole ff7 withouth using any healing items, i think the only items i did use, were the ones that cured fury/sadness (and only a couple of those), now that’s cheap.

In FFIX, managing resources has to be incredibly easy. All you need to do is make sure you have a healthy supply of potions and only cure when you really need to.

Although you don’t have much credibility on going through the entire game without using any recovery items, by the way.

Naw, I always use some healing items, but just usually not in battle. I get rid of potions and hi-potions out of battle. But I occasionally have to use an elixer or megalixer in the heat of battle.

In FF7 i always put my friends in Fury, the acc didn’t drop too much and limits buily way fast and damage was huge.

I felt FF9, was quite easy, but I guess I made it easy for my self by spending 4 hours levelling up after the Evil Forest and before the Ice Cavern. I really liked the game’s ye-olde feel though; after 3 semi-futuristic FF’s, it was a breath of fresh air.

I thought FFIX was VERY easy. Probably the easiest Playstation FF. The only real problem I had (in the beginning) was the first Black Waltz and the dungeon with the rats after Lindblum.

I’ve got this thing in RPGS where I’m a complete item hoard, I really hate to use things that I can’t buy, and I seldom use potions and herbs and such if I don’t have to, that’s what magic is for.

I tend not to use items in any game, except for my most recent BOF3 file where I have 99 vitamin on me at all times. Most games tend to be too easy so it makes it a bit more of a challenge.

No, I think FF9 definately had a more difficult touch to it than the other PSX only FF’s. (minus Tactics) The yans, Ozma, Hades, Necron, finding Grand Dragons when you first exit Gizamaluke’s grotto, and bombs (when in early stages of the game) proved extremely trying for me. It was also a pain to use items that weakened outside of battle… I probably went through over 1,000 potions in that game. (just the way I play.) 7, and 8 were definately easier, but as previously stated, the feel of 9 is irreplaceable, and really, it shouldn’t be any other way.