Is Code: LYOKO Awesome or WHAT???

Code: LYOKO Is Soooooo :cool: :cool: Why? Share With Us why you think its so :thinking: Um… Oh yeah…:cool:

Oh come on…

…why must you make us Kentuckians look even stupider? Why?

The bad concept, bad writing, bad directing, bad animation, bad soundtrack, bad voice acting, poor production values, I dunno. Is your inability to express yourself typical of the audience the show attracts, or a result of watching it too much? Or is it possibly a combination of the two?

I dont want you to mention code lyoko ever again.

french anime lol

So, what IS that thing about anyway?

The overall story sucks, but the problems in each episode are interesting. Newer episodes are terrible though.

Still doesn’t help it much. In terms of Miguzi series, Totally Spies is better.

Vorpy pretty much said everything I was going to, only a little more bluntly. >.>;

On the other hand, it looks nice and crisp. At least the 2d part. Even then, it would probably have been better off with a less crisp animation style, since that just serves to highlight the lack of animation and the poor design.

Made my day

It’s true. I can give you an in-depth analysis if you want.

I want. Code Lyoko makes me want to tear out my eyes. It is so damn stupid

Code Lyoko and Totally Spies: A Comparison

*Note: Both of these Series are taking into consideration the first season (Code Lyoko) or the first couple of seasons (Totally Spies). In terms of quality, both series wished the future episodes were never made.

Overall Story
Both of the stories are completely unrealistic. With Code Lyoko more unrealistic than Totally Spies. Granted these are cartoons so this may be forgiven. Neither are anything special so the verdict will be.
Code Lyoko=Totally Spies

Individual Episode Story
This is Code Lyoko’s strong part. Xana’s desire to kill the kids comes in many different forms and many are unique. Strong showings include the laughing gas episode and the killer bees. Totally Spies are also unique, but the villans plans and motives are unrealistic.
Code Lyoko>Totally Spies

Most of the characters in Totally Spies are alright. Mandy and Alex can be annoying, but Clover, Jerry and especially Sam make up for it. Code Lyoko’s characters are not good. The Ulrich/Yumi thing and the Jeremy/Aelita thing both fall flat on their faces.
Totally Spies>Code Lyoko

Code Lyoko’s animation is hit or miss. Totally Spies is decent. This would be equal if most people did not experience the “miss” part of Code Lyoko’s animation style.
Totally Spies>Code Lyoko

Code Lyoko has one song that is excellent. That does not make up for the blandness of the other songs especially when you consider Totally Spies music. Totally Spies music is overall excellent. The music during the fight scenes and chase scenes blows Code Lyoko out of the water.
Totally Spies>>Code Lyoko

Code Lyoko’s action scenes depend completely on the same set of moves repeated many times. Totally Spies has the spies take into consideration the surrounding, enemies weaknesses, and gadgets into the fight scenes. Having the same enemies doesn’t help.
Totally Spies>Code Lyoko

Totally Spies
Cool Gadgets that actually had thought put into what accesory they should be. +
Humor both good and bad cancel each other out.

Code Lyoko
Using that cheap-ass “Return to the past now.” to fix everything and having Aelita always running in at the last possible second. –

Totally Spies>>>>>>Code Lyoko

I’m keeping this open because it looks like it could be an actual discussion, but OddDella try and make a decent topic next time instead of “Oh lawlz this iz awesum” and no content.

I can’t believe someone just did an in-depth analysis comparing Totally Spies to Code Lyoko.

We have a Free RP forum, what the hell do you expect.

They could have compared Martin Mystery too.

Totally Spies is the worse anime man i saw this episode of them eating fuckin steriod bars and gettin all buff and crap i was like wtf is this?Code Lyoko gives me a stomach ache and makes me wanna punch those kids thats what i think about

That episode was from one of the newer seasons that were completely thrown out of the comparison for both series.

There’s something funny about a guy named BigBangKamehameha making fun of cartoons. >.>