Is anyone playing Okami?

Neverming, I figgered 'er out.

Cool game so far. Very windwaker like.

Tell us all about it.

I feel surprised this thread died. I just received my copy today along with DMC 5th Ed, but I don’t know if I’ll get to trying it out yet. I still want to finish WA4.

I quit playing it shortly after I made this thread. Stupid school sucking out all my time.

A shame. I finally started yesterday after I had finished WA4 and played in EX game for about an hour to see how far I could get and compare it to how long it took during my first play through. Though, weapons carry over and it does make it easier.

Anyway, the game seems to have a lot of potential, but it seems to start off slow or maybe that is how it always is. I’m not very far in the game, anyway. Only about an hour to the point when you make your way back to the save point again. Adventure games are pretty fun anyway. I just wonder how the battles with any major enemy/boss (ies/es) are since I can compare it to any Zelda game; slash slash.

Too bad the thread is pretty much dead, though.

Oh yeah, I’m still looking forward to any music in the game to be like the demo where it shows Amaterasu slicing up that enemy, but I figure there may not be, but the OST is 5-discs (though, a vast amount is possibly sound effects and short tunes as it contains every sound from the game, supposedly… yet I don’t know where the song that plays during the demo is on the OST; a friend couldn’t locate it, it seems)