Irony at work

The first article, pay attention to the name of the writer

And the irony

Not really ironic. He did say he was a “die-hard” non-wearer of seatbelts, after all…

tasteless grin

Wah wah wah waaaaah

That’s not ironic, that’s just tragic.

The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention… now THAT… is… irony!

I’m guessing that you mean his last name is “Kieper”, as in a mispelling of the Kuiper Belt?

Nah, I think Zero wanted to make sure we caught that the author of article #1 is the subject of article #2.

“Now that’s what you call ironic.”
“Yeah…” Laughter.

This isn’t tragic. This is well deserved.

Well, shit. And being ironic doesn’t necessarily mean being funny.

I posted at 3something AM and you expect my use of english grammar to be flawless?

There seems to be a die-hard group of non-wearers out there who simply do not wish to buckle up no matter what the government does. I belong to this group.
And 3 months after he wrote that… Wow.

The expression “irony of fate” stems from the notion that the gods (or the Fates) are amusing themselves by toying with the minds of mortals, with deliberate ironic intent

=the death of an atheist killed by a falling cross.

The guy liked to debate, eh?
Well here is my rebuttal to the first article. Your fucking dead cause you are stupid! Seriously though, even small accidents can cause major injuries. People fail to realize how much power a car really has behind it or how hard a windsheild really is.

His fault.

And the second to last thing that went through his mind was “oh shit, maybe I was wrong!”

The absolute last thing to go through his mind, of course, was Interstate 80.

Still a shame though. He seems like he was a rather intelligent young man, save for in this one field.

And the second to last thing that went through his mind was “oh shit, maybe I was wrong!”

Maybe I was wrong? it should be I was an idiot.Ok it’s sad that he died,but is his own damned fault for not taking the "precautions"he was debating against.

And then Death fucked him up. It’s a shame and a waste, really.

Not saying that I’m against them, but seat belts cause more injury than they protect from. Sometimes, they will even kill someone who would otherwise have been uninjured. They have been known to rupture spleens and, at high velocities, crush the ribcage into the lungs, causing someone to literally drown in their own blood.

Hey, if you invite death, death will come. Fitting, really.

So don’t wear one. Get tickets. Then when you get into the accident you are statistically probable of getting into, you can die. I’ve been in accidents and I’ve seen accidents and other members of this forum will vouch for this point: seat belts save lives even if some injuries can occur for various reasons. For example, my aunt got into a car accident in which she would’ve died. She got some unpleasant injuries because she was wearing a seat belt, but she didn’t die. If you ever take a physics class, you’ll go over how collisions work. Since the car has far more mass than you do, during the collision, you will experience a far greater change in velocity, thus a greater force, due to the collision. If you aren’t protected appropriately, you are screwed.