Iron Man 2

Well just back from seeing it in a full theatre which is an odd experience in and of itself for me. But all my friends were really looking forward to it too so we all went to see it straight away. A really enjoyable movie - especially the first third. There’s some really cool action scenes and good drama with the nice humorous touch kept from the first movie, all coming together in a pretty sweet scene in Tony Stark’s house.

The rest of the movie is still pretty sweet, with more cool action but…well it gets a bit too comedy. It’s still really good and the comedy is at least funny but it’s not what I was going to see.

Still, really good movie, would recommend it to anyone. And yes, do stay until after the credits roll.

Haven’t seen it yet but I aim tho. And yes, I know what’s in on after the credits (I’m Mr. Immune to Spoilers, remember? :wink: ) For those who want to know, it’s Thor’s Hammer Yet another neat cameo that hints of the coming AVENGERS movie. :slight_smile:

It was pretty good. Not quite as good as the first. I felt that it beats you over the head with Starks smarminess and got annoying after awhile. The comedy felt a bit forced, but the story was solid; not quite as good as the first one, again. It was probably the first time a sequel with “too many heroes and villains” managed to sort everything out pretty well.

I’d say the single worst part of the movie was… Black Widow. Not because of of ScarJo (never because of ScarJo), but because the cinematography/editing of her fight scenes were extremely jarring.

But yeah, I liked it. If they do a 3rd one though, it better be damn good because already the franchise is slipping. Then again, they’ve already pretty much used it as a stepladder to the other Avengers-related movies.

My favorite scene was with Captain America’s Shield. Nice little throwaway gag.

Was Olivia Munn in it? I heard she had a bit cameo part (like maybe leader of the Iron Man dancers) which got scrapped for something with a twinge more substance.

For those of you who want to see even more Marvel Movie info, here’s the first picture of Thor from the currently-shooting movie:

You know, he looks mighty sore to me. Bwa ha ha IS SHOT

Yeah, she was the announcer for the Stark Expo.

I wish G4 would go back to how it used to be. It’s just too Spike meets CNN now.

Saw it last night, definitely above average for a super hero movie.

I saw it last night and I enjoyed it more than the first one. I liked the first one a lot so that’s saying something. It had action, it had serious parts, and it had it’s comedy parts too. There were lots of good jokes thrown around.
Was that Ivan character an established villain or did they make him up for this movie?

Ivan is a real character, and his father did indeed work with Stark’s father. In the comic his father became the original crimson Dynamo. Ivan never wore the suit. His version of whiplash (the Monaco scene) is nothing at all like whiplash in the comic - that Whiplash isn’t even russian. At the end he becomes a cross b/t whiplash and crimson dynamo. So they took a lot of liberties.

I really liked it. I thought the film was just slightly below the first one, but I think the first one might actually be my favorite super hero movie. My only real complaint is that the final fight was just slightly lacking; it felt rushed or something.

Yeah, it did feel rushed. They had set it up to be epic, but it was over way too quick.

The first one blew me away just because I had no expectations. I wasn’t following the production and I know very little of the character. To be honest, if I was more aware of it, I don’t think I’d like it quite as much as I did. Spiderman 2 Xmen 2 and Dark Knight are still my favorites. I think that’s another reason why I didn’t like this one as much. Other superhero movies that were phenominal had amazing sequels that blew them away. I was honestly expecting that to happen here. My main problem was too much snarky Stark. He was more of a dick here and it got really annoying. Then there were only two scenes of any real action, and then not much of a story. I mean, a bunch of stuff happened, but no real plot development and progression and then a very lackluster climax. But it still wasn’t a bad movie at all. It almost fell into the “too many men on the field” style of comic book movie sequels, but it worked itself out pretty well, all things considered. The only useless character was Black Widow. I would’ve liked to see more of Vanko. Rourke was brilliant, and overall his character just kinda got swept under everything else that was going on.

Isn’t Tony Stark’s chmarming dickitude supposed to go from endearing to annoying? I always goit the sort of guy you fall for and then divorce after like a month vibe from hsi character.

Personally, for me, that annoyingness converts well into humour and funny-in-a-mocking-way.