iRO is opening up (or might have just opened up) a free server called Valkyrie that it supposed to be the main iRO server now.

People still play this freak ass game?

woah woah woah woah. free as in free? wow im down for that. just this weekend i lost my characters on the private server i play.

Yeah it’s free. There are some differences I guess between the servers so I dunno what’s up with that, but yeah.

It’s a lame desperation attempt on gravity’s part, they charge for anything good and made it Harder to level in that insane level mill.


I actually just started playing again recently. They added repeatable quests that make leveling much nicer all the way through 85.

The only notable differences I saw were that repeatable quests give 75% of the exp they do on the “premium” servers.

This was really late last night so I don’t remember much

well i installed it. love how you patch their server in just like you would any other pserver. once i get off work i’ll make a character

Oh what the hell, I’ll bite.

Well I got Valk installed now so I guess put your character names here

I’m making a VIT Knight named Orlandu

We could make Angel Eyes again. They still exist on Chaos, I saw someone but I didn’t recognize them so I didn’t say anything. I miss Poshul :frowning:

I’m gonna be joining a guild named Denuo Convena on Chaos, I dunno if anyone remembers them. Or if Apotheosis strikes a something

I’m getting sick of this. The site logs me out whenever I’m at like 50% of the download and cuts me off. Is there any other mirror for the full client?

on the left side use the bittorrent download then apply the patch to that

vvvvvv they link to the same file so i think so vvvvvv

Oh? That one works too?

Please excuse my ignorance, but what file sharing program to you guys use to download the bit torrent version? I used to use Morpheus, but for the life of me I can’t find a direct download link on it’s site and I know you guys use something different.

Sorry, if I sound like a super noob, but I really never used file sharing months. I think I may have downloaded a couple of songs at most, and those were parodies of Weird Al that werent’ sold in stores…don’t make me go into my priracy rant…

I use bit lord to download torrent files. Frankly, I want a Torrent dialer to have an anti-virus scanner built in, anybody know of one?

OK, I downloaded everything I finally booted it up, it began applying the batch and updating file and I get this error message:

Failed to write file. Rageexe.exe.

If anyone else gets this, it a problem with Vista. There’s an FAQ on how to fix this on the Ragnarok site.

How many of us Angel Eyes are still around?

Ummm, I ashamed to admit this, but am I missing something? I’m getting my ass handed to me at the training castle. I can’t kill shit…was there somewhere I was supposed to go to first? My base level is 7.