Iran is worried.

Because the US is levying charges similar to those that were brought on Iraq.,1280,-2770513,00.html

The US says they’re not planning an attack. Why? Because they’re going to fuck NK first.

Isn’t Iran a long-time ally of the US?

We’ve been laying the charges onto Iran for some time now. However, it won’t be as effective as Iraq was, as there isn’t a supremely evil dictator to find here. And North Korea wants a nuke. Which it will probably never use. In order to lay off a lot of the military. Am I the only one who sees something seriously fucking wrong with that plan?

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Isn’t Iran a long-time ally of the US?

That’s almost as funny as the guy who flamed SK

Bush made Iran one of the three Axis of Evil guys, so no. Maybe you’re thinking of Saudi Arabia (let’s get rid of them).

Who WOULDN’T want to nuke a country led by a guy who calls himself Ayatollah? It’s almost as bad as Ari Flescher…

Nothing is as bad as Ari Flescher. Nothing.

Iran and the US have had… rocky relations to put it very lightly. Considering the whole contra scandal, the hostages taken, and their war with Iraq (when we were supporting Iraq), well… the US has been kinda looking for a reason to get at them it seems.

C’mon, be serious guys. Iran has a lot of oil, just like Iraq.

If we fail to find anything suspicious in Iran, it’s only going to give Middle Easterners another reason to hate the U.S. When it isn’t one country, it’s another…

Actually, I was thinking of Israel. My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

And what happens when we attack a country that doesn’t have oil? What will be the theory then?

Yeah Cless, I always get IRAN and ISRAEL confused =P.

I really shouldn’t be posting here, I know better than to participate in a political discussion, taking any sort of stand, as much as people like to romantasize taking a stand, only succeeds in alienating people who happen to disagree. Oh well here goes.

Personally I’ve heard enough of the oil arguement, maybe I’m biased, after all I’m living in Alaska, I’m practically SITTING ON TOP OF OIL!!! but you know it just makes me wonder, if America is really that interested in oil wouldn’t we be up he opening up more pumps? Actually the contries who protested the war the most had the most dealing with Iraq, take France for example, 20% of thier economy was based on oil dealing with Iraq. Meanwhile in the U.S. it was illeagle to make dealings with Iraq, people were arrested for that.

Now I think I’ll go write on a chalkboard “I won’t talk politics” 500 times.

Oh and came on the message board to say I’m going to be in Florida for a month and most likely won’t be able to visit the message boards during that time, but why bother making a thread for that when I can post it here. It’s not like anyone’s gonna care anyway…

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And what happens when we attack a country that doesn’t have oil? What will be the theory then?

Experimental weapons testing.

ask north korea

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Yeah Cless, I always get IRAN and ISRAEL confused =P.


Oh good, I’m not the only one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Isn’t Iran a long-time ally of the US?

They were, untill Ayatolla Komeini came along; then the USA decided to give a couple of missiles to some guy, who won’t be mentioned by name because it really should be obviuous, and incited the first Gulf War ( Iraq vs Iran ).

What else is new?
Anyway. While oil, indeed, seems to be part of the issue: I believe that the primary thing is the neo-conservatives’ plan to reshape the world; primarily the Middle-East of course, to a more MacDonalds and CocaCola friendly place.

And I still say they should get North Dakota.


…sorry, I just see no real logic behind this one. :noway:

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Experimental weapons testing.

And if that doesn’t work I’m sure Bushy will find some other excuse. After “preventive war” nothing surprises me.