Ipods and Apple

So far I really liked my iPod because of what it allowed me to do. I thought iTunes was irritating and counter intuitive at times and I find the filing scheme in how you can create your own subfolders utterly retarded. Last month, my hard drive died. Got a new one free, yay warranties. Now this one’s giving me problems and the people from Apple again send me home with solutions which they aren’t sure will work. which is to reinstall the ipod’s os, which I already had done. Now itunes isn’t detecting it. In short, I’m frustrated with Apple. If you have the oppurtunity, I would consider the competition. Hell, even Sony’s joining the fray, let’s hope the quality is better than their playstation’s.

For my birthday, I got an MP3 player, and not an iPod. Mine’s made by some company I’ve never heard of called Creative, and it’s called a Zen Micro. It’s smaller than lighter than an iPod, and it holds five gigs. My only issue with it is that the touch screen is a tad too sensitive, and that’s easy enough to get used to. If I had the opportunity to trade it for an iPod of equal size and value, I wouldn’t do so.

Wish I could give you more details, but like I said, I got it as a gift and I had never heard of the company before then.

Did Sin make apple sauce yet?

I’ve heard of Creative, they have made music players like windows media player before.

I’ve heard of it. They’re known for making sound cards. I heard the Zen is pretty much on par with an iPod Mini.

Creative is a good company. They make speakers, sound cards, that kinda shit. They’re well established.

Samsung has a beautiful 20 gig MP3 player out on the market now. I’ve sold three of them, and I’ve gotten nothing but good feedback. The cost is just a bit more than the equivalent Creative Labs (About $25 CDN difference)

I’m personally holding off buying an MP3 player until the Korean MobiBlu drops their new player. Check it out, its the one on the left-

<img src=“http://www.3dnews.ru/documents/news5/20050127_mobi.jpg”>

What you can’t see in this picture is that even though its a tiny cube, its got 1gb flash, a full color OLED screen, and if you stack them as seen in the second image, they combine their playlists :smiley:

One thing to remember, brand really doesn’t matter when it comes to these things. They are all made by an OEM and rebranded. Even apple’s iPod and Samsung’s YePPs are rebrands.

Even if they have the same OEM (Which I don’t believe they do - our iPod suppplier is based in North America and our Samsung supplier in China), there’s still a lot of differences. Useability, the OS on them (The Creative Labs one is incredibly asanine).

And Dev, you really have NO FUCKING clue what you’re talking about. You’re telling Sin that he should buy a 1 gig flash drive MP3 player. The advantage of them is battery life, but the disadvantage is actual storage. If Sin’s got something that can hold 20 gigs of music, odds are he has 20 gigs of music. Telling him to replace his MP3 player with one that’s about $80 cheaper (I think that’s what the price difference was last time I compared) but holds 1/20th of the music is completely idiotic.

I just said that that player was my personal favorite? <img src=“http://hell.oddwebsite.com/images/smiles/emot-confused.gif”> I didn’t see sin asking for advice anyway.

Neuros, iRiver!
If you don’t like iTunes, there’s always programs like ephPod. It’s what I use. It lets me rip and organise and play my music like I want to and it is more supportive of Microsoft Windows.

The iRiver is a ripoff if you ask me. You get 1/3 the space for somethign that doesn’t look to have any better specs. I didn’t check the other link. Does ephpod allow you to create subdirectories? What is good about the program? Btw, I found a nice link that said how to download from the ipod >.>. ha!

It does, yes.

iPods have a nasty habit of breaking apart within weeks of the warranty expiring. It’s like they’re manufactured that way or something. My friend is on his third one now already. iPods are just a horrible addiction that can’t be quelched. The Rio Carbon Pearl 5GB is the nicest one on the market right now in my opinion. The only thing I really like about the iPod is that it supports .m4a files, which are vastly superior to MP3s in my opinion. They just don’t have any good support at all outside of iTunes and iPod, both of which I don’t like.

But so far I’ve resisted the personal MP3 player craze…I’m so sick of everyone on the street wearing their headphones, oblivious to the world around them. I prefer a newspaper or book to keep me entertained, and I have a one hour train trip every morning and evening to work. But with that being said…I am breaking down this weekend and getting myself the Rio. These MP3 players are nice for running…and now that my marathon training is reaching the 8 or 9 mile run length, I need some music to keep me going. But yeah…I’d check out the Rio. It’s only 5GB, but seriously…even from soneone who has like 80GB of MP3 on his computer, you don’t need that much music with you at one time.

I just read an article on CNN today about Sony’s new player that’s apparently kicking an Apple all over Japan… it does look and sound pretty sweet.

I’ve resisted getting a player for a while, and I don’t think I’ll cave any time soon. I’ll cave eventually, but I still have the will to hold my ground.

Boo hiss. iPod. Fashion industry’s newest horrible youth peer pressure accessory. Phooey, I say. >O I like my half chinese half english mp3- player usb stick thingie. o.o (it records stuff and has a radio. =^^=)

Yours has a radio!? - mine’s just plain ol’ Omni 128!
Damn, what age ARE we living in… ?


You don’t have to use iTunes for the iPod. Windows Media Player works with mine.