iPhones: yay/nay?

I’ve been contemplating whether or not to get one in the near future. Who here has some personal experience with one and are/were you happy with it? Why or why not?

David Lynch says no.

Yay! iPhones are awesome. The apps are great and it works great. The GPS and Maps are great, especially when you don’t know an area. The programs are well integrated and work well together. It is also priced very well ($300 bucks for a phone i great).

Hows the battery life?

It comes with a GPS? O_o

I say nay only because I have no use for it.

Yeah, like when you are driving down a road, it’ll show where you are and the dot will move. When you look up a place, you can just put in the destination and not worry about where you are. Let’s just say you wanted to find a pizza place, you type in “pizza place” and it’ll show you a map with all the pizza places in the area along with your dot. You just touch the one you want to go to and it plots it out. Or if say you didn’t want to drive there and just wanted it to deliver, you just touch it’s phone number and the phone starts dialing it. It is very cool.

I’d say if you got the money to pay for it, go for it. It’s really pretty awesome considering what all it can do. I’d get one, but AT&T requires (mandatory) you to get their data plan which tacks on an extra $30 per month on top of your phone bill.

Actually, the data plan is not required, and there are several data plans. A data plan is needed to use most of the iPhone’s features, but it is not required. However, it is highly recommended to get the unlimited data plan (the extra $30) to get the most out of the phone. A data plan is one of the iPhone plans (I forget the other option). Without the unlimited data, the basic iPhone plane is still between $40 to $70 (based on number of minutes). Like my plan is about $100 a month which includes unlimited data, unlimited texts, and 900 minutes.


They do require it and you can’t get rid of it. Hell, if they even detect you’re using one, they’ll start charging you for the data plan automatically. AT&T sucks much on that. Granted, there are ways around it…

Having been a CSR for AT&T, I will tell you one of the worst things about the iPhone: the CSRs aren’t trained on its features. At all. why? Because you can’t sell it over the phone (for some reason). But they are still expected to provide customer service for it. I had to look up all the details myself, on “unofficial” sites, which AT&T frowns upon. In other words, if something fucks up… good luck, buddy.

Interesting, because when I got one I was asked about the data plan and I had to ask for the unlimited data. Ah well, not a big deal, the phone wouldn’t be nearly as good without the unlimited data plan. It is sort of like knocking buying a car because you have to pay for gas. Seriously, without the data options and such, the point of having a an iPhone severely decreases. You might as well just just a free phone and then bring an MP3 player around.

So you can’t get an iPhone with a normal plan (i.e. just phone, no text/data?) That sucks. I was thinking about getting one if I ever get pressured into buying a cell phone, but I think I’ll stick with a normal plan.

Tons of phones come with GPS these days. Even my shittastic HTC Touch Cruise (windows mobile smartphone) has GPS on it. Nothing too special about that. If you’re the kind of person who uses a phone for more than an hour a day, then an iphone will be good for you. If you are not, but you are probably the kind of person who WOULD use your phone for over an hour a day if you had an iphone, then it’s probably alright too. Otherwise, unless you’re rich or just have to impress your friends, stick with a nokia.

If you just want to talk and a normal plan, then the iPhone is sort of pointless. The iPhone is god because of the extras it has. Don’t get me wrong, the price is very nice for what you get, but for just talking, the iPhone is too much. Sure it is nice to not have to carry around an MP3 player in addition to a phone (something I used to do before getting an iPhone), but without data, the iPhone loses a lot. If you have a iPod Touch, you’ll see the difference in usability when you go from a Wi-Fi area to some place else and see how you don’t use it nearly as much since you can’t connect to things or take full advantage of the programs. I mean, sure there are some good non connectivity apps (such as the calender, calculator, notes, and photos), but they are either degraded (calender since it synchs with the computer automatically without connection), or aren’t anything special without the connectivity to complete them and it just something nice to have, but isn’t required. If you just want a phone, seriously, just go with a free phone that you can easily get when you sign-up with anyone. You get an iPhone for its neat apps and internet abilities (which are full and not abridged). iPhones (or maybe just AT&T) have great reception and signal. I just spent the last 2 weeks out in the middle of no where (literally, I was in a NM desert) and I had some of the best signal and even got some internet when many other’s phones wouldn’t even work.

This is me.

I like the idea of an iPhone but I’m too cheap nor do I have the money for one. It’s pretty sweet though. If you have the cash and want a phone that does gaming better than a DS apparently, then get it.

You can youtube Japanese lesbian twins any where with an iPhone. What’s not to love about that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest getting an iPod Touch.

It does everything BUT the phone and camera, and even then there’s a nice little phone hack for that. It plays music, accesses wi-fi, has games, instant messaging, and a shit ton of other stuff. Owning one myself, it’s the closest thing to being physically integrated with a computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can mod it to put emulators and the like on it. The only thing that sucks is that it doesn’t have any actual buttons so emulated games don’t play too well (and people’s fingers are too fat usually to properly emulate mice in games which use a mouse).

I’m torn about the iPhone. Yes it would be nifty to have, but do I really need all of those extra features when I have the same things and more on my laptop and all the PCs surrounding me?

Also, the iPhone can’t multitask. It’s designed specifically not to. (I wonder how good the Palm Pre will hack).

Wow, that’s impressive o.o

Trill: Yeah, I considered getting the iPod Touch and modding it, but I thought “Why go through all that trouble when I can just get the phone?”

So um… how about that battery life I asked about earlier? >_>