The telepods from Chono Trigger!

…Did I get it?

I’m guessing no. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the next story after this one. A Mexican wreslter and a Duck?

Big Nutter
May be not!

ignoring BN Dammit, you were closest, Vicious! :3

Don’cha just looove foreshadowing? :mwahaha:

Yay! Do I get a cookie?

Sooner or later I expect to see someone say “I hate time travel!”

MMX Recoloured Upgrade Bottom Pad!

Yes, we know, and anyway it’s <i>not</i> a recolor, it’s the <i>original</i> recolors of the Chip pods from MMX3, so shaddap.

(Note to self: Get MMX2 and MMX3)

Big Nutter
I’ve only got MMX