Invasion of the Best Buy blue shirts

I saw this thread over at the Home Theater Forum, but I like to repost it here as it pretty funny. A large group of people decided to dress up like the Best Buy employees and go into the store and act like they were working and filming the event with hidden cameras.

Yeah, we had to watch this at work today. Apparantly corporate guys are terrified of this.

I, who used to work for Best Buy, applaud these pioneers of improv. My girlfriend, who works for the company that writes Best Buy’s website, thinks that this is absolutely hilarious.

HAHAAH! That’s awesmoe. Totally awesmoe.

These people rock.

lmao n shit

A lol-ing good time.

Edit: On their site it says they did a fake U2 concert. I saw that on the news. It’s so cool that that was them.


It’s lol-worthy.