Didn’t see any Inuyasha threads anywhere, so I’ll begin one.

What do you guys think of this great anime? My favourite character is the evil sesshoumaru :slight_smile: Currently on episode 63. If anyone wants to watch the whole series from episodes 1-167, and don’t know where to download it, pm me for a http site :slight_smile:

I thought it was a cliched, poorly done rip-off of many much better fantasy series.

I think pretty much the same as Arac, although once I accepted the anime to be just another clichéd story and the fact that Inu is Ranma with a different haircut, it was okay. I like long stories, especially the ones that don’t force you to watch every last chapter to understand a convoluted yet boring plot. If you look at the “Main Plot” as an excuse for everything else, and don’t expect any surprises, it’s averagely enjoyable.

Sure, it’s repetitive as fuck and almost all the chapters follow the “Group Arrives Somewhere – Monster Attacks – Inu draws Tetsusaiga – Shit Blows Up” formula, but that is precisely why I appreciate the fact that I only have to watch one chapter out of ten to follow the story.

And Sesshomaru suffers from the rather popular “Badass dude completely subjugated by the cute brat and therefore loosing most of his coolness” disease.

I found the story pretty original and the characters interesting, but this isn’t something you want to watch all in one go. I’m currently on episode 150 or something, and the story’s still pretty interesting. A strong point in this anime would be that you can see character development happening, and even specific story arcs for the sole purpose of understanding a character.

Yeah, I watched all the episodes before I went to college when I lost internet. Annoyingly, the series doesn’t end at 167, just the anime does. They even say in that episode that the story continues in manga form.

Wow, this is the second time I’ve seen SE blast a decent anime series. Methinks he doesn’t much care for anime. I’m probably wrong, but hey, I haven’t seen him say anything along the lines of “I love this show! It’s the BOMB!”

Anyway, Inuyasha. I thought it was pretty good. Unfortunately, I’m always working nights, so I never get to see it anymore. The last episode I saw had Inuyasha learning the Backlash Wave.

I rarely ever say something like that seriously Shinryu, and even if I did you need to understand that some people have different opinions to yours, the fact that I do not go crazy over the stuff you like does not mean that I do not care about it. And as far as I know, you have seen me participate in barely 2 or 3 threads in this forum. In my eyes, Inu Yasha is a decent anime, but being decent alone doesn’t get you far my favoritism rate.

I apologize if I’m being defensive, but it does pick my curiosity when my comments are singled out from others that say basically the same as me.

Opinion != Fact

I know, I know. I was being a bit unfair. But from what I have seen, which, I will say, is very little, it does seem as though you, SE, that you only grasp the basic concept and fail to see the deeper meaning. I’m sorry if I’m offending you, this is merely what I’m coming to think. Besides that, yours was one of two negative comments on the series.

But, this is off topic. Personally, I don’t particularly care for extremely long series, such as Inuyasha, or Dragon Ball Z, because they do tend to get repetitive. However, Inuyasha is better than most of those, and I would watch it all the time if I had the chance.

You see, SE, I try to look beyond the surface of a series. I try to see the true meaning behind it. That doesn’t mean I always suceed, or that I’m better than you because of it, simply that I look at things differently.

For example, sure, Inuyasha can be boring and repetitive, as an extremely long fantasy series, it’s almost expected, but in my opinion, it’s better than most other extremely long fantasy series. Even if it’s just a rip-off.

As a matter of fact, yes, you are offending me. If there is one thing I’m proud of and have been recognized for repeatedly is my ability to interpret metaphors and symbolisms and it does get my blood boiling a little when someone accuses me of lacking such skill based on the fact that I do not see a deep meaning to a dog-dude waving a huge sword around and killing shit, or do not go crazy over the one or two deep themes in a Tenchi-Muyo-esque series..

Now, please explain the marvelous intricate message behind the shit-killing dog that I so foolishly seem to have missed.

Well, SE, the dog represents Communism during its heyday. This is symbolized as a dog because Joseph Stalin, Vlad Lenin, and Mao Zedong all looked rather like dogs, and because ‘communist dog’ was a common insult towards people as such (actually, it was pig, but a shit-killing pig just wouldn’t have had the same level of class, would it?)
The little heaps of shit were other countries that were overcome in the communist revolution. You can tell this becuase one of them looks vaguely like Cuba, and another is Vietnam-shaped (although south Vietnam was mistakenly included in an artistic blunder.) The dog killing those heaps of shit symbolizes not only how communism triumphed over them, but also how there was much killing because of communism, whose fault it was is hard to tell. Also, the way the shit sometimes goes away shows communisms oftimes limited longevity.

See, how could you have missed that you fucking moron?

Well, as far as my opinion on InuYasha goes: It’s not the greatest anime to me anymore, but I still think it’s good. Although it seems like nearly half the series is full of fillers, at least that’s character development.
Besides, it makes me laugh all the time when I watch it.

I hate inuyasha. I even made a shirt with stick-on letters that says “InuYasha is the worst show ever.” Thats how much i dislike it.

I used to like it a lot, but lately I’ve gotten sick of it. I read the original manga quite a long time ago since it was done by the same woman who drew Ranma 1/2.

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I’m not too thrilled with Inuyasha either. It makes a decent sedative when I need to sleep and it’s on.

I’ll remove this avatar, when someone makes me one

Inuyasha…meh… SE and Arac pretty much said what I was thinking.

I almost cried during one of the movies, so… it all depends whether you can really get into it or not, I guess.

InuYasha was one of the first anime shows that I started watching, so I can’t say I dislike it. It’s just not as good any many other shows out there. So to those if you who say it’s the worst show ever, I have to disagree, but I’m not siding with the rabid InuYasha fans, either.