InuYasha: The Final Act

Oh God, it’s never going to go away, is it?

That’s right, InuYasha is returning to animate the final acts of the manga starting in October I think. I’m not sure if it’s going to be done in 13 episodes, or if only 13 episodes are confirmed yet. Either way I think it’s hilarious that a series with so much filler will have its finale rushed through with stuff likely cut.

Though this makes me kinda wish they’d do the end of Ranma instead. That final story arc should have at least gotten a movie treatment or OAV or something. Why does InuYasha get closure and Ranma doesn’t?

Life’s not fair, that’s why. At least, it certainly isn’t to male leads of Takahashi’s series’.

Ranma is more episodic and doesn’t really need an ending. You know all the pairings. You don’t need to see Ranma admit to loving Akane or anything like that. Inuyasha on the other hand had an over arcing plot and needed an ending of some sort.

Plus there’s about two or so more upgrades left to Inuyasha’s sword to show off.

At least the manga’s over and done with.

Oh no… I suffered through every single episode of InuYasha on Adult Swim. I have to watch this by default.

Inuyasha is silly. I’m going to ignore it and go rewatch Ranma.

So… HOW does the Manga end? (spoiler-wrap it if needed.)

It’s Takahashi, you actually expect anything beyond a painfully predictable outcome? Naraku dies for the billionth time, except it actually stick for once, there are a couple terrifying chapters of Takahashi threatening to continue the story (HOWEVER…!) but eventually everything is resolved and everyone lives happily ever after in the way we knew they would end since up a thousand chapters before.

Well, yeah, but I just wondered if 'Yasha would go to the future with she-who-must-not-be-named-correctly-in-Spanish* or if she would stay in the past with him. I’m assuming the former.

And what happened to the bycicle? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Kagome’s name sounds like a word meaning “to crap” in Spanish, so they changed it to Aome in the Latin dub. :hahaha;

The latter. Makes very little sense, but it seems Takahashi felt like going hard mysoginy for this ending. I hope you didn’t like… the boomerang chick, whatshername, as a strong female figure, because her final appearance is as a stationary baby factory for the monk dude.

Seriously. During the epilogue she has her third child, and monk-dude was away at the time. So he comes back and literally pops his head in the door and exclaims ‘Oh! You had it?’

Yeah, the misogyny was strong with the ending.

Maybe Takahashi just decided that the only way Sango could keep Miroku faithful to her would be by constantly having sex with him. :hahaha;

(And yeah, it’s pretty sexist, especially for a FEMALE manga author.)

I honestly tried to stay with Inuyasha. About thirty episodes in, however, I just gave up. It was simply boring, even without the trillions of filler episodes. Oh, and from what I’ve seen, the ending sucked, too.

In other words, don’t count me in on this one.

So how the hell are they going to do this in 13 episodes anyway?

Nararaku had like half-a-dozen incarnations running around when the series fizzled, plus all those side characters like Koga and crew, the real world people, and so on. I suspect that this will either be a non-stop rollercoster of action, or a lot of people will be vanishing into the very mists from whence they came.

Either way, I suspect this will end up as a hilarious train-wreck.

Well, since you asked…

Short version:

They all live happily ever after, with Sango and Miroku having 3 kids. Inuyasha and Kagome get married. Sesshoumaru leaves Rin with that old village lady and frequently returns with presents for her. Koga got a new weapon a few chapters after the anime ended so when he lost his shards…He still sucked. Shippo, goes to a fox demon academy. I think Kikyo died purifying the jewel or something.

Gunslinger: Thanks. :slight_smile:

…Fox demon academy? Seriously? :hahaha;

Wow, they’re actually finishing everything up? And the manga ended? Damn, I’ve gotta catch up on stuff…

They found it on one of their adventures and… yea its ridiculous.

I accept with information: Nararaku had like half-a-dozen incarnations running around when the series fizzled, plus all those side characters like Koga and crew, the real world people, and so on.

What are you talking about?