Inuyasha is over in Japan ;_;

I saw the first inuyasha movie today. I can’t say I was impressed. It just seemed like a very long episode.

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the DVD’s the have subtitled, they have more now I’m sure, I just haven’t got it. But I think there only in the third season dubbing on CN aren’t they? I haven’t watched Inuuyasha on CN forever so I’m am most likely wrong.
They have 117 dubbed episodes. The ones they show on CN are edited. Not that CN eps count for anything.

yeah . . . it think it’s about time it came to a close . . but it was a good trip while it lasted (at least in the beggining)


I knew this looked familiar.

Two years, this has to be some sort of record.

I’m pretty darn sure it’s longer than 130 episodes. In fact, I think it’s around 170 episodes long, which is way too much for my tastes.
And from what I’ve heard, the manga is still going. In fact, on the last episode of the anime, they even said to read the manga in order to see the ending.

… yeah.
The same thing happened with Ranma 1/2, or so I’ve heard. The manga and anime had different endings as well. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Also, concerning InuYasha, they’re apparently coming out with an InuYasha Z or something. Sorta like DBGT. I doubt I’ll watch that, if it ever gets dubbed over here.

There seems to be 167 episodes

Would never had realized this was over a year old if I hadn’t seen my post from last time.

Wow, I didn’t notice it either :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s more like a year and a couple of months.

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Giza needs to come back. =(


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