Inu-Yasha, where to find?

I have Inu-Yasha volumes 1-25 on DVD. I’m interested in picking up the rest, but…

  1. Amazon (who I buy all my anime from so far) doesn’t carry anything past vol. 37, which was released in 2002, and

  2. At $20-$25 a volume I’d rather buy them in sets, but Amazon only carries up to Season 2 in a boxed set :(.

Anyone know of any other decent online merchants? Thanks!

Discount Anime DVD does a pretty good selection of them.

you could also try eBay… has up to DVD 43, although no sets it looks like. They randomly have specials on items, so a few of the DVDs are a little cheaper than the typical $20-25 range (39-43 are $18.75 and 35 is $15, at the moment).

I have the second and third season how much are you willing to pay?

Though you might own them already I don’t know the eppisodes and there subbed by the Chineses so the words are messed up at times.