I myself play guitar. I’ve played for about a year. I have a Alvarez accoustic, and a Gibson Les Paul. Im learning to play Motley Crue’s “Girls, Girls, Girls”, and I can play Hoobastanks “Running Away”. Other than that I just stum here and there. Any one else play some form of instrument? (A kazoo isn’t an intrument)



Its Instruments not Intruments


One of the things i hate most, being a orchestral musician is that ppl dont know how to spell instruments properly.

Well good golly. If I had realized typos pissed so many people off, I might have payed better attention.

I play guitar, I can kinda play piano, and I know quite a few songs on guitar.
I have a First Act acoustic guitar (it’s mostly for laughs, it’s practically made of plastic :P)
I also have a mass-produced $200 Epiphone Special Edition “goth” SG model.
And I hate you, I’ve been playing for almost two years and I still don’t have a Les Paul :frowning:
Edit: I also have a Crate remake of the fender stratocaster :stuck_out_tongue:

I played bass for like three years. I don’t so much anymore.

You have a Gibson Les Paul??? and you’ve only been playing for a year? are you sure it isn’t an Epiphone or something? cause a Gibson is a big guitar to start off with.

I play guitar, a bit of bass, and an even smaller amount of keyboard. As for my guitars, I have a Jackson KVX10, a strat knock off, and a semi-acoustic ibanez, which is really my dads. I can play a lot of stuff, but I mostly like to make up my own songs.

i play my fender guitar, my knockoff fender bass, my synthesizer, and my saxophone.

I’ve played percussion (primarily set) for about 3 and a half years. I’m no good 'cause I don’t practice.

I used to be able to play mallet percussion stuff, but I stopped playing since the teacher bugged the heck out of me and the stuff we needed to buy was getting pricey. Other than that, nope.

Cello. We cellos’ will rule the orchestra someday… :scream:


I took up drums in fifth grade. The teacher was an old bitch that I couldn’t stand and dropped out.

Hahaha, I have a soft-shelled cello case that I carry my V in.

Thank you. And Nulani wins, for pointing out that I had previously made the thread.

I have a nice hand-crafted acoustic made by a local guitar shop. It may not be recognizable, but it sounds a hudnred times better than my sister’s Yamaha :stuck_out_tongue: I might get an electric soon, despite them being almost like toys (small, technicolored, laughably easy to play). I just wanna be able to play mindless angry music once in a while, like when I get super pissed :stuck_out_tongue:

Depending on style, electric can actually be much harder to play than acoustic. An electric twelve-string is much more difficult than an acoustic twelve-string.

Hades hadn’t even had a guitar until less than a year ago. He doesn’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m learning how to play the flute.