I have to make this short, but I just wanna get a topic going on introversion, and the recessive qualities of introverts.

Despite their appearance, I think they have a profound resource of cunning to draw from in certain situations. With extraverts, what you see is pretty much always what you get. Introverts usually seem weak and indecisive, but I think they all have some deep intensity to them that surfaces and gives them huge potential when there are high stakes, and completely floors the people who’ve always thought they were quiet, boring, losers.

I know my opinion was poorly conveyed, but, thoughts?

I think introverts tend to know who they are a lot better than extroverts, and tend to be better people, if more bitter, than extroverts if they do open up, even if a bit. They tend to have free time and are often deep thinkers, so they can usually see through bullshit and don’t tend to pull a lot of bullshit either. I find introverts, while usually reclusive - :stuck_out_tongue: - tend to actually be better friends and can actually hold their own in conversations and such.

In general, aka my experience, introverts have the time to think about things, and come to conclusions that are based on deep thought than just quick, knee-jerk reaction.
Having been introverted my first 3 years of high school, I’m kinda versed on being, well, introverted.
While I’m pretty sure everyone here knows what I mean, when you’re not talking and doing things constantly with friends… you definitely have the time to juggle things around in your mind.
This can, undoubtedly lead to any number of things.
A foremost of those being too much thought into one subject… which bends the perspective of it greatly… and of course could lead to many other things… hence my jumbled take on this whole subject.

Aye, I was an introvert until I got to high school, and except if I’m being stupid/attention-whoring, I tend to keep to myself even now.

I’ve always been an extrovert, so I really can’t say anything.

i hafta say i tend to be freinds with introverts more. saturday i got the cahnce to take one paintballing and he was an invaluable asset like he saved my butt like 3 times outta 4 hours

ive been an introvert for a very long time and i kinda still am. i guess you could say most of the statements here are true but i dont feel like commenting on any of them.

For some reason, your comments make me think of the noble savage.

Ooh, good topic.

Piers Anthony once quoted a study or an article in something or other that said that introverted guys tend to like smaller breasts and extroverts larger ones.

…what? That’s my contribution. I don’t know enough about introversion/extroversion to comment without making much of it up.

on the topic of breasts.

which do you prefer…i like b’s and maybe c’s but b’s more, anymore than a handful and you sprain a thumb in my opinion

edit: also whoever said thats opinion

Neither does anyone else, but you can still talk about yourself and apply it to intro/extroverts in general.

I don’t think that we extroverts can’t be introspective, we are just willing to take risks in social situations. I’d hardly say I’m rash, but I certainly am not afraid of losing some ground from time to time, and am more than willing to gain some, so I take that step out there nad run the gauntlet. I usually lose, but the victories are worth ten times the status quo.

How I can twist this around and invert it for introverts… well, I can assume that this means that introverts prefer to play it socially safe. I suppose it is better to slowly build relationships with trust and unwavering comradary than to make gamble for everything.

Lets see if this metaphor means anything. I tried to think like an introvert:
Even if one of an extroverts ten straw houses survives the hurricane, it might be amazing, but wont be as cozy as the introverts carefully crafted brick house.

I’m an introvert in a hall (dorm) full of extroverts. It’s very trying. I don’t want to party every damned night. Some nights I just want to lay up with a bottle of coke and some chocolate and browse the internet or work on my shrine. Or even work, God forbid. Bastards. ;_;

I agree with Cala’s original statement. There was a pretty introspective girl in our college who we finally got to know in your last year, and she was a blast. \m/

I think introverts think longer before they act, for better or worse. Self-consciousness can help or harm.

am i the only person confused by delitas post? gee i hope not. i kinda get what youre trying to say but not all introverts are meticulous all the time.

i guess the way i would put it is ‘its better to shut up and look smart than to be a rambling idiot.’ even tho the friends closest to me know me best for being an idiot alot of the time.

o, and i agree with pierson about agreeing with calas first post.

I think you guys totally missed the point :open_mouth: I know what introverts and extraverts are. I don’t need definitions. And I disagree with the statement that introverts tend to play it safe.

What I was saying was, despite their outward timidness, introverts know where it’s at. Like, I’ve noticed that when extraverts have a problem they can’t deal with, often an introvert will surprise everyone with some brilliant solution that seems obvious to them. I know I’ve done exactly that, many times.

I think introverts have a huge amount of power and cunning (Cunning! Wheeee! That’s exactly what this is about) that most people don’t see. And I think most of them know they have it and what it can do, which is why they try to act so responsibly.

I also think that in certain situations it surfaces and leaves us all floored, because here is a guy who always sat at the back of the room, looking down and not saying a word, who just like, stopped a robbery or saved a hostage or some other heroic thing that extraverts would be expected to do, but be the last ones to actually do it.

I’m talking about the results of an introvert’s inner strength fully manifesting itself in his actions, the ends of which I think can be extremely dramatic, as opposed an extravert’s typical response.

My case exactly. I finally got to know my classmates two years ago, right before I had to switch schools. It was after I decided to stop giving so much importance to what people thought of me and my fear or ridicule that one of them told me what could be translated as: “You should have talked more, you aren’t nearly as boring as we thought”. Okay, so it’s not exactly a great compliment, but considering that I spent FIVE FUCKING YEARS with these people without managing to get along, that’s huge improvement and I managed not to make the same mistakes all over again on my new school.

Introverts may have a better knowledge of themselves, but it doesn’t matter how conscious we are of our faults until we do something about them, and that usually takes a little bit of guts we tend to lack. I don’t mean that we should change our habits completely in order to fit with other people, but once we gather that small amount of courage it takes to open up even a little bit, people start to notice that you just have different tastes instead of just being “That weird kid that sits in the corner”.

EDIT: Hades, I don’t think introverts have any kind of “Inner strength”, you make it sound like some special skill, we have the same qualities as any other person, the only difference is that we don’t use them too often.

Is this the whole 'Are introverts more likely to be the classic hero?" discussion?

We don’t care about you and your theories, Hades. Fuckin’ newb. :smiley:

I answered your question and subtly blasted it to meaninglesness Hades.