I couldn’t find an introduction section, well im hoping its alright to do so here.

Hi the names Jan, I’m a big Final Fantasy fan especially FFVII. I love anime and personally think that Masamune Shirow and Mamoru Oshi are amazing, ghost in the shell is their best work IMO.
I am currently a Student studying interactive media, such as games development. I am also a lead tester for functionality for the Xbox project (Quality Assurance).

I am currently writing an essay and whilst looking for research material I found this forum, it could use an update it looks a bit old but when I noticed the huge member count I decided to join anyways.

Anyways see you on the forum i guess, when I’m not too busy that is. Jan

Welcome. For the record, the Media Forum is more of a place for stories, art, and whatnot. Not intro threads.

Thanks, sure i’ll try and stay within the right category from now on.

Welcome, Jan. The member count might be a little deceiving, since many of them joined and didn’t stick around, but the level of intelligence and common sense as compared to absolutely massive forums is much better.

Demigod speaks the truth. Plus, we’re just fun people. Wheeee.

Hope you stick around for awhile. :slight_smile:

Sounds great, it’s rare to find a forum with people with intellect and common sense. Most forums are dominated by village idiots and kids that keep flaming each other for no apparent reason, although it’s amusing for a while.

I like the smilies this site has; most are from Chrono Trigger, one of my favourite old school RPG’s. I personally think that FFVII is the best, my friends at Square & Microsoft seem to think that FFXII maybe a FFVII killer, although I doubt it and think it’s just the industry hype.

I will try to stick around, however im pretty busy with Uni and work, so i’ll jus browse and post from time to time.

Nice meeting you all.


Nah, I kid, I kid, welcome to our little abode which while not entirely village idiot-free it does not have a majority of them.

And it’s probably hype, as FFXII lacks one thing FFVII has going strong: Nostalgia, most people see it as the best thing ever as it was their first.