Introducing: the Phantom 2.0

$679.99? Fingerprint reader? October launch?

Apparently they hate money.

When buying an Evo, you will also be able to fork over a bit more cash

No we won’t be able to give more money because of $679.99 release!

And I’m not even going to comment on the fingerprint reader part. Thats just weird.

slow, sarcastic clap

Yeah. This has the latest generation version of Phantom written all over it.

“those few people that buy the device will be able to apply an additional discount on over 1,600 games from the Evo: Direct store upon purchase of their new console.”

I’m assuming those zeros are typos.

“The Evo: Phase One will offer one package option, with the suggested retail price of $679.99”

Expect that six to vanish in very short order.

Nah, not a Phantom, more of a 3DO imo. Except the Evo has no pre-launch hype, hardly any announced games/developers, and no chance, which sets it even below the 3DO.

3DO at least looked like a good idea. If you didn’t buy it.

My favourite loser console was Jaguar. Cybermorph and Sensible Soccer, 1994 edition. The first 64 bit console (ahem). Heh, poor ole Jaguar.

Hey, lay off the Jag. I got 3 words for you: Tempest Two Thousand. Jag’s problem was that is wasn’t much of an improvement on the SNES/Mega Drive and with the Saturn/PS1 just round the corner, no one gave a shit. Pity, really.

A game library would have helped. It’s controller was awesome. Bigger than Xbox’s and with all these buttons in the middle, most of which were of no use at all.

Tempest indeed frequents the ‘loser consoles’ specials. I was talking about my favourite loser.

I personally cannot wait for this.

Wouldn’t the Phantom have to be released first for this to be the Phantom 2.0? I mean, at least they have a quoted price and launch month. That’s more than the Phantom ever had.

Oh, and if you want to accuse a company of ever stealing a controller layout, just look at Evo’s.