Interview with MS' Peter Moore

Its a very good read.

I’ll take your word for it.

Moore: “I’ll defer until I see real numbers, and NPD are the real numbers. I think we’re a week away.”
Actually this report might come out this week. Jan 10?
You can declare us a winner right now” – says Peter Dille, vice president for marketing at Sony America, in a recent interview.
Ha-ha? Well, we’ll see that soon.

Edit:: According to NPD spokesperson David Riley, NPD’s December/year-end sales data will become available January 11.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hmm … integration between Xbox and Windows. … Y’know, it just occurred to me that Microsoft could cash in on selling X-Box emulators, thus integrating 'em completely. They probably won’t, and it’s a pretty wonky idea when you think about it, but …

Actually, Yar, the technology running in the 360 is .NET 2.0 and a successor of DirectX, both of which run in Windows as well - the only difference being that the .NET framework in the X is the compact version. Therefore you don’t need an emulator, all you need is building for this or that one. Emulating Xbox in Windows would be kinda like emulating Windows in Windows. There isn’t even any porting issues asides the presence or absence of the controllers and other X acessories.

We’ve tried XNA at my college. It’s almost as if Xbox was really running Windows on a tougher hardware.