Dude… When I first saw the clip for ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ a few months ago, I thought it was just some random AMV made by a fan of Daft (I hadn’t seen the CD yet too, I only knew it was daft because the clip said so)… But then I saw some scenes of it in the 5th part of Animix and went checking further. Now I do wish to watch it :slight_smile:

So, has anybody else watched it?

Val (who’s a big Daft Punk fan) says that the official videos for several Daf Punk songs tell a story. She’s the one you’d want to ask about it.

My God, I watched this baby, and I must say it’s a new kind of… Experience. Yeah. I am still getting used to the pattern, but now I’ve gone beyond the point of no return. I was working on the PC this Sunday with the movie in the background just for a soundtrack, and I must have repeated it some 5 times. Plus the plot is awesome.