Internet to be shut down tomorow...just...letting you all know.

See? Fear.

I’m not too worried. First, the “hours” statement. Second, if it happens, it happens. Why worry?

Guys/girls, guys/girls, guys/girls. Haven’t ya learnt anything? The nerds will NOT let their cat/‘neko’ porn be shut down. They will up and storm down the streets, draggin their signs behind them.
…And if it’s shut down, I pity our roads. The paint will drag off onto them. …If you live in CALGARY, however, rain/snow/hail/lightning will clear it off the street. Well, maybe not meteors or lightning, but the meteors managed to wiggle into one of my dreams (One skinned my upper lip! I feel so sad.) and, perhaps, was remotely linked to the Chicken Fingers. The lightning, however, meant nothing to anything. …Maybe it came outta the fact that in my dream, I sat in a car seat attached to the side of the hood. Yeah, I dunno. Those 'Fingers were loaded, man.