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Hey could someone please help me? I can’t get my cable between my 2 computers to share my dial-up connection. I recently had it set up but I had to format my hard drive and it doesn’t work now. The cable goes directly between both of the computers.

I don’t quite understand how you set up your computers. Is 1 computer linked to the internet and then this computer is linked to another computer? Or are both computers going through a router or hub?

both are connected directly together through a network cable

If it is dial-up, the only way to share the connection is to buy a splitter for the phone line, then send one end of the line to one machine, the other to the other machine.

Set up the dialer the same on both of them, but only one will be allowed to connect to the line at once.

…unless there is some other way to do it i don’t know about.

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And as for the topic, see the comment above. You can’t directly go that with dial-up. How did your original setup work?

Only one computer connected to the internet and the other shared off of it. Its like what Dev said but only we didnt have a spliter. Just a cable that went from one computer to the other.

It’s possible, but I’ve never been able to get a direct cable connection working before. But I know it’s possible.

I know that Windows ME has a Networking Wizard, that you set up the ‘server’ (ie modem) as a web router and then you can set up the other PC to work with it. I don’t know about Windows XP, But I should have.

Big Nutter
The Wizard asks questions like this: Which Device has the Internet? then Do you what to share? Y/N Which Deiveves are connected to your networks?

What the heck are you talking about? He needs to get the actual <i>hardware</i> to work.

Hawk: What kind of cable? Serial? Null Modem? And if it was working before you formatted, and now it doesn’t that probably means you deleted necessary software for the cable during the format. Did it come with some kind of drivers or application to make it work?

OK, stop, someone who has done exactly what you are tring has arrived.

You have two computers, one with a dialup connection, and an eithernet cable (this is how i did it at least) and im assuming both are Windows Xp, otherwise, ure better off going and getting a router.

make one computer ure “server” this is the one that has the dialup connection.
take ure ethernet cable and plug it in to both computers. then go to network connections ( under control panel) and in the side bar there is ‘network tasks’ and under that ‘setup home network’.

run setup home network and follow promts.
this is done on BOTH of the computers
(at one point, on the promts, there are 3 options. the “server” computer is to be put as the top one (connects directly to the internet), and the other computer as the second option (connects through a gateway or another computer).

this allows both computers to be easliy hacked. and i mean very easily.

Finally, make sure you have a firewall on both computers. if they are XP, just make sure that the included one is on.

And seriuoly thats how its done, but ure screwed now for bandwidth. dial up SUCKS. get broadband. and a router. its easier with a router.

hope this helps.

Microsoft Technet: Internet Connection Sharing.

I’ll try that Luke and we can’t get broadband Without paying out our @$$ for it because we live in the middle of nowhere.

On a related topic, since I’m living right next to Makko now, I’ve been thinking of sharing my Cable internet (128k) with her, that would free her mother’s phone up (since she uses dial-up). However, I’ve been told different ways to do it by different people, from buying another modem (by the cable company) to using an ethernet connection or a hub. So, which is cheapest/easiest to do?


if you buy a whole other modem, ure not sharing, u then have two connections.

just get a router/hub and split lines to ure computer and hers.

Luke you and Dev were right You had the right set up and Dev was right that i deleted the network card driver so I had to reinstall it and now it works :slight_smile:

Woo :D.

And wil, how much of a distance is between your houses? Will the cable even need to run outside?

If it isn’t too far, you could probably just run the cord coming from you cable modem into a router, send one cord from the router to your pc. Then, take a extra long cord (you may need to get a spool, depending on the distance), and run it from the second port of the router over to Makko’s PC. If it has to go outside, you’ll need to get shielding for the cord. (or maybe not, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: what is the weather like in Puerto Rico?)

Dev: Nel lives RIGHT ABOVE me. In fact, I think her room is right above where I keep my PC so, a short cable would do. I’m going to try your suggestion, thanks. (Any side effects of that installation I might need to know about?)

And the weather here is usually fine… except for those pesky hurricanes.

=\ Not that i can think of. Just as long as you know how to share a connection it should be very simple.