Internet Question

Is there anything on my computer that would cause my high-speed (by my provider’s standards anyways) internet to constantly disconnect? In the morning hours, the connection works fine, but from 11:30 on, it constantly disconnects, making any small task a lot of work.

By on my computer I mean something other than simply crappy service. I run a virus check every once in a while (twice a week or so), and a spyware check once a week about, and they both come up clean most of the time. Is there a program or utility I can use to see what the problem is?

And, I don’t have any programs running in the background (that I know of, anyway) like a P2P, etc. Although Skype is running. Any help is highly appreciated.

If you connect through a wireless network, make sure it’s secured.

It’s a wired 256kbs connection.