Internet junky

My DSL went down today, and for the first time I have realized how addictid I am to the intraweb. Basically todat turned out to be a lazy saturday, my friends were out, no class, and nothing to really do. So with the net out it was bad, out of habbit I came to check the boards, but no internet made that a short lived expierence. I then went to print my class schedule from my schools site, failed. Decided to check a webcomic. Tried to play RO. IRC was down too. In the end I just watched all 26 episodes of Excel Saga, then played some games I have been meaning to get around to. It wasn’t nearly as fun as the internet though, and I’m frankly really suprised at how much of a grip the internet has on my life.

Edit, oh yeah I won’t be on much till the DSL comes back, I’m using some remaining time on our old cable connection and i’m on a different computer than normal.

My day is empty until I am connected. I share your disease.

<img src=“”> And that is precisely the reason why I never log off from the chat.

I used to be like that, then I realised how horribly boring the Internet is.

Great thing about being a jack-of-all-interests: you always have something else to occupy your mind, should something happen to anything.

runs off to read Men At Arms by Terry Pratchett again

Yeah I’m an internet junkie. I need my fix man, once I didn’t have any access to the internet, and I stole someone’s library card just to use the computer at the library. I didn’t have my own library card because I sold it for more internet. Yes, I have a problem. :too bad;

I think I’m in the early stages, of being an Internet junkie. So I can still spend time away from it, but only when I have too.

I would use the internet much less if the people at my school actually encouraged my social life.

It’s all their fault. Jerks.