Internet Gaming Vs Property Rights

Just saw this.

Ive heard its becomeing quite common.

what the heck is up with that, what a loser. Over a virtual sword…thats so gay(as in stupid) whats this world coming to? pretty soon we will kill each other over paper.

Video Games.

Serious Business.

a little too seroius for my blood, i would be caught dead if there was a person like that playig the same game, who knew me and was pysco like that. Thats like asking you to just kill me. HOLY CRAP(sorry about the drama…I’m a bit tired)

Guys, remember fun? That thing we used to seek when we got in front of a Pac-Man arcade in our childhood? When on earth did a fucking item from a game likely to die in about a year like most MMORPGs become expensive property?

idont get half the things people do any more, darn that rap music!

Because people are stupid of course. Everything shoul;d be resolved though non-lethal things, like moderated unarmed fighting.

With boxing gloves, dont forget the boxing gloves. They make things more interesting, well to me they do.

If you’re not mad enough to bare knuckle box, you’re aren’t really angry.

Man, that sword isn’t even that good.

Silly Chinese people.

That is just freaky, on so many different levels. How could people be so moronic.

Talk about taking games too seriously…dammit, that’ s insane. Gamers’ reputation will suffer once again due to idiots. Two rules were broken:

  • Get yourself a life before getting a virtual one (look at the results)
  • One’ s stuff is holy

Similar stuff happens every once in a while, like that kid who killed his friend for Pokèmon stickers (or cards, can’ t remember well…), but that’ s another story.

That’ s an excuse for them to reply when said that it’ s just a game “But the money was real”.

Lovely. Someone’s stolen the game in videogames.