Internet Explorer's lightsaber is no match for My Computer's particle cannon!

Icon Story

Not even for my Hydrax Buster. Which is one of my instant-spark attacks.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I will teach those tricks to my desktop dwellers now.


This would be such an awesome screensaver, I have enough icons on my desktop reenact a World War.

Best thing I’ve seen in a long while. :smiley:

Old. I also believe there’s a version when the Recycle Bin wins, and I like it better.

I liked Outlook Express best personally.

Very old, but not modly quite yet.

Definitly moldy.

first time for me, neat.

Very Old. The origional is on
and Diablo II wins.

Firefox would kill all.

Pretty neat! It’d make a grand screensaver!

It’s Better than A Setch I planned Called the “Phantom Icon Nicker”.

Big Nutter
It’s was were Icons Disappear Whilst I was Trying to load Lotus 123, and then Problems Prevented Me sending Mail for Help.