Internet explorer problems

Hey could somebody try to help me? This started like 2 months ago when I tried to delete internet explorer because it was giving me problems. OK here’s my problem: When i’m in msn messenger trying to open my email It won’t open unless I have another internet window open. this is the same when I try to open a hyperlink from any program that isn’t in explorer. When I try to set something to open in internet explorer as a default it isn’t on the list so I can’t open the file in it. Any help is appreciated.

O ya this is internet explorer 6.0

Don’t try deleting IE. It’s impossible, anyway, unless you have Win98 or earlier. To fix your problem I’d first suggest doing a reinstall of IE.

I found out that it’s impossible Im downloading the full service pack from microsoft now If it doesn’t work i’ll just live with it

You deleted it and it’s still set as the default browser. So, when an application tries to open a page, and there is no browser open, they still call for IE. I also think that MicroSoft programs will try opening IE even if it isn’t the default browser.

Do what Kero said, for if IE gives you problems, the best solution is reinstalling it. If you don’t like it, then just set some other browser as the default one.

Edit: reinstalling IE is not impossible. Have you tried it through the “add or remove” icon in the control panel?

No I didn’t delete it because it’s not possble with windows xp and it is set as the default browser because I want it to be. The add and remove windows components isn’t what I want because if you don’t have everything clicked that you already have then it will delete the things not clicked, and if you have made changes to the program it will change them back to default (at least thats what it did on my computer). the main thing that I really want is to be able to open my .shtml files for my shrines in internet explorer, but when I try to change the default from firefox to explorer explorer isn’t on the list.

Add/Remove Windows Components.

Or if you want to just set Firefox to default, and click the Check Now button to set it to default browser.