Internet Explorer issues

Whenever I start IE, it stays for about ten seconds, then dissapears. No error messages, no lockups, nothing. If I use it again right after it quits, it works perfectly. I’m using Mozilla now, and it works perfectly. The same thing happens to Word whenever I use it. I’ve ran every form of scanning possible, but I can’t find what’s causing it. I thought it was caused by a Trojan run-in I had, but I removed any trace of that, and it’s still happening. What the hell’s wrong with my computer now?

Tools -> Internet Properties -> Connections -> Settings -> Make sure “Automatically detect settings” and “Use a proxy server” are unchecked. If not, uncheck.

Tools -> Internet Properties -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Make sure no boxes are checked, esp. “Automatically detect settings”

That is, if the bar on the bottom is saying “Detecting settings…” If it just hangs without any text then I have no clue what’s wrong.

My Internet Explorer is a pain in the neck. After a period of time, which is completely randomised, it decides it’ll have some fun and disconnect itself. When you try to reconnect, it won’t allow you to. You have to shut down/restart the computer before you can use IE again.

Growls :scream:

I have that problem with IE also, sometimes, letting it sit for a couple hours works for me(in fact it happened to me about 2 hours ago)

A “couple” of hours? How long usually?

Couple refers to two.

I use Mozilla Firefox, no annoying popups, better safety, the icon looks nicer ^_^…

Yeah, Mozilla rules

I had a similar problem back when I tried to update from IE5 to IE6. When I went to start it up it would immediately close itself and send an error report. I use Mozilla now.

i love mozilla, but i have 1 problem with it: alot of times i’ll get an error box that says: can’t be found, try again, it seems random, if i keep clicking the link or just open new browser it goes away eventually, but its really annoying. i get it when i click links/buttons, or when i type in addresses.