International Lav Hades Day

Hades asked me to point out that today, for no particular reason, today we shall commit our lav to Hades because he’s cool.

To commemorate this special occasion, we shall start by announcing one of his self-proclaimed accomplishments.

[04:29:21] Cherry_Blossom: Har. I just totally killed my Dad’s #1 score in tetris. He got like 13000, I got 22000+
[04:29:27] Cherry_Blossom: And for my name, I put “Joe, INDEED!”
[04:30:05] Cherry_Blossom: I still don’t know how I managed to get 32000 points one time though :stuck_out_tongue:
[04:30:12] Cherry_Blossom: That’s higher than anyone else at RPGC
[04:30:14] Cherry_Blossom: by Far :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah so anyway… additions to this thread will support starving monkeys or something. :suckah:

Let’s not forget several of my other exploits, now. Like Shrine-deleting and pissing off Ori.

I think I should get a Nobel Prize for my Samurai vs Tanks theories too.

This thread is not for critics.

And of course, what Hades appreciation day be complete without introducing past friends to wish him well?

Hades, do you recognize this voice? <a href=“”>Voice Clip</a>
<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>That’s right… It’s Godzilla!
<img src=“”>

And he’s only one of the first of many to visit you today! He wishes you well.

Hades how do i describe you? An ass bucket thats how. The more you post the more i realize how you were banned once before. Hades suggested that this be his lav day, aint that a touch narcissistic, hell i know i am. Anyhows rubs a sharp blade over him as my proclamation of lav, and look hes shaved!

This useless rant of a post was brought to you the local villages idiot, me.

Indeed it was. For one thing, I didn’t suggest this. PKT came up with it on his own.

The more you post, the less respect I have for you. You used to be like, tolerable, even. Now you’re just ignorant and blind.

And thirdly, Char clearly said this thread is not for critics. At least respect Char.

Ignorant and oblivious to what now?

To everything you’ve ever presumed about me. You don’t know me, and your blind presumptions are getting a tad annoying.


10 minutes pass
So, how bout them bucks.

This thread sucks.

Aw, it’s always International Lav Hades day for me =D