It’s about 11 or so where I am now.
We were driving down State Route 33, and we came across a wreck. We were about a half mile away, and we could smell the rubber from the tires, and we decided to get off of the exit while the emergency vehicles were arriving/doing their jobs, not wanting to get in trouble for rubbernecking <b>or</b> obstructing emergency vehicles.
Well, by the amount of cars that were showing up, the wreck was major. There were cars from 3 seperate police departments, 2 fire trucks, lifeflight and an assortment of ambulances.
The irony: Fireworks were being shot off only a quarter mile north of them, and from our perspective, were perfectly above the whole situation. Almost like an anticlimax.
Edit: All in all, today’s been fucked up.

Cool, now respond to my thread!

How did I know your reply would be… less than good.

I too was watching fireworks tonight… But that kinda sucks to hear something like that… :fungah:

Wow, now THAT’S surreal. Anything about it on the local news?

It just happened.
It’s 11 pm.

And so, Mr. Coincidence celebrates that there is yet another dead among us. Now there’s only eight billions to go.

Who would have known, he actually exists.

I prefer his jokes when they aren’t, let’s say, involved with the dead.