2 british soldiers, supposedly undercover commandos, were arrested on murder and the british military sent a massive force to break them out. Discuss.,1280,-5288948,00.html?gusrc=ticker-103704

Jesus…a little extreme, non?

Ya, its kinda odd that they would be doing all this crap when they have like nearly 96 brits dead by the time the whole thing started, and then you got the americans, like almost 2,000 died…ya, they shouldnt be doing all that crap.

Um… Don’t arrest Britons with friends in the military?

This is disgusting. We’re there to restore law not to disrespect and break it down.

Ok, this type of action? This is one of the many actions that isn’t helping.

Damn you britians, Damn you all to hell…ok maybe not, but ya, its kinda dumb of them. I hope nobody here is from England…that would suck…real bad, lol.

I Still stand by my claim it was a bad idea going in… the timing was wrong anyways…


whoops…sorry Nutter…i kinda forgot about you…runs away

Whatever happened to the democracy they were building? Or is democracy only for those who have the bigger guns?

hahaha. I predict this being on an episode of South Park in the near future.


Only in that region, thankfully.

And even if democracy is artificially stablished there, those people will choose to follow an iron-hand ruler as soon as every foreigner leaves there.


“walk softly and carry a big stick”- Teddy Roosevelt

If you compare the amount of British troops there to the amount of American troops present, then you’ll find that it’s more proportional than you’d think.

Ya…i guess you got a point.

The pic of the soldier on fire made the front page here.


i’ll hafta watch that one!

Dear bullet and nightmare, your comments make me hope you are both part of a doomed genetic pool.

It always has been this way Lex, nothing new really.

Now, the fun part is to see how the British government can explain this one away. =D It also makes me wonder if the two held captive had some kind of pertinent that could have/was being removed from them. Mmm Mmm, and the door opens to conspiracy theorists!



Thought it was talk…ah well.