Interesting new development

Well, Miers has stepped down. It’s not like it wasn’t unexpected with the sheer lack of popularity she had, but it’s interesting because it leaves the question of who will fill the still vacant spot on the Supreme Court. I just hope it’s a Democrat.

A Democrat? In this administration? We’re lucky if we get a MODERATE.

I hope this keeps up til the elections in 06 where a lot of dems might get seats and if someone has the balls, do something about the mess the US is in.

The thing the democrats have going for them is that Bush would get a lot of bad pub if he did not nominate a women who tend to end up more liberal-minded. Who knows though, Rove may have planned this all along. Stick a female nominee out there knowing that her lack of experience will cause her to falter so he can then put out a strong conservative man. If the people cry Bush can say he put out a female nominee that he felt was fully qualified and it didn’t work out.

I do think the odds of a moderate conservative are a lot higher than a strong right-wing one.