Interesting; "If you hit back, you start the fight." Well?

This is an interesting question, really. If someone just randomly hits you and you return the favor by hitting him back, do you start the fight?

Or did he beg for a fistburger and start it by disturbing your personal space, I.E your face?

Hmm, an interesting thought. Well, it’s not really a fight if only one person is doing the hitting. That’s more like assault and/or battery. The first person who hits instigates the fight, but the retaliation starts it.

If someone randomly punched me in the face, I’d kick the shit out of them.

Then I’d claim self-defense, because technically it is.

Well if they hit my face, I would be so damn pissed and blinded by fury that I guess I would beat the hell out of him, or try.Other than that I still would start a fight because the asshole started it first.

I’m all for eye for an eye, but it’s out of self-defense if you’re attacked first.

Whats it matter as long as you end it? :stuck_out_tongue:

But, really. Technically you don’t start the fight, because what causes you to hit back is the fact that the other person hits you, which can/will lead to more blows. Said blows only continue to go on because of the fist that was first thrown at you. And stuff.

Funny. Someone in the cafeteria yesterday threw something that hit me in the side of my head. Man, I was pissed, but I couldn’t figure out who had done it so I couldn’t very well do anything about it. >=/

If I find the fucker, I’m gonna punch him in the face.

It was probably Derek. Now go kick his ass.

Nah, I wouldn’t hit back.

I’d just walk on past, grab his pinky finger on the way, and then bend it all the way backwards. That’s far more vindictive and effective than a mere fisticuffs.

I don’t think it was Derek.

As you know, I’m helping raise my sister’s four-year-old, so things like these DO come up. I’ve been telling him NOT to hit back, unless he can’t escape; that he’s supposed to tell the teacher who is then supposed to do something about it. I don’t want my nephew to grow up thinking that violence is a good solution to things. However, you can bet I’ll show him to protect himself when he’s old enough to run into people who might actually hurt him.

This reminds me of a quote by my favorite SF character ever, Commander Sheridan (from BABYLON 5):

"My father always told me: Never START a fight.

But always FINISH it." :slight_smile:

This is absolutely technically correct.

If someone hits you once and you wtfpwn them back, that’s not self defense, geesh. If you have a choice and enough time to think “Hmm I think Imma slap a bitch” then don’t kid yourself :stuck_out_tongue: Self defense is only inflicting harm if you have to, isn’t it? If there are other means that allow you to walk away from the person who hit you, but you choose to still give it back to them, then it’s not defense.

Depends on who: It’s a whole lot more fun to break a pretty face than an ugly one. It always will be. You do more damage… It’s also a lot more fun to kick hunks in the balls than nerds and geeks. You should try it.

The question isn’t if it’s self-defense or not, though, is it, or is it that you’re starting a fight? Because if you start a fight to defend yourself, it is still starting a fight.