Interesting half life 2 reference,,2208821,00.html

Someone find the 2 words that make me think of Dr. Breen.

Hint: you’re not allowed to compare US forces to the Combine.

(It’s the first time I noticed what half life means. Coffeeeeee)

It’s Concerned Citizens, isn’t it?

If it isn’t, it should be. >:(

Edit: And after reading the article, wow. Way to go, USA. You sure know how to make a peaceful environment.


I was thinking it was the way the writer split up the paragraphs with Neurotic and Humming.

I didn’t get the ‘half life’ reference; but very interesting article nevertheless. Good insurgents (Concerned citizens) vs. bad insurgents (Al Qaeda) scenario reminded me of a similar setup in Afghanistan. Poppyland’s good insurgents became legit: now they are respected, or rather feared, members of Parliament.
Maybe, in the not so distant future, Hajji Abu Abed and his men will become members of the official party in the new “democratic” Iraq.
Malalai Joya, a member of the Afghan parliament’s lower house made an attention-grabbing comment on her recent visit to Canada: “On one side we have the Northern Alliance, who are pro-U.S. terrorists, and on the other side the Taliban, who are anti-U.S. terrorists. Our people are the victims.”
Oh, and she was suspended from Parliament for talking too much.

That’s a clear case of Starcraft diplomacy:

Jim Raynor: I can’t believe you’re really going to trust this snake!
Arcturus Mengsk: Don’t worry, Jim. He’s our snake now

And a couple of decades down the road they’ll decide the allies are the bad guys etc.

Dr. Breen gets a letter from “Concerned Citizen” at the start of HL2 and uses it as a propaganda tool.

Damn. Can’t believe I missed that even though I’ve read this in its entirety.