Interesting flash...

That song is by :WUMPSCUT: … I don’t remember what the title is.

It says “Thorns” by Wumpscut on the end screen.

The flash is really lacking in content. It fails to bring up any new issues, and even fails to really address those issues it does bring up. It’s simply a rehashing of things we’ve already seen. Bush is a bad president, and he’s quite obviously lied to the American people. That much has already been brought out into the public forum many times.

The real question now is what we’re supposed to do with the mess we’ve created in Iraq. Bush fucked us all over with his money mongering, and now we have a huge mess on our hands. We cannot pull out of Iraq, because to do so will cause incredible repercussions down the road. We just have to sit it out, and watch our family and friends die for stability in a country on the other side of the planet because our president wanted to get his buddies a few million dollars richer. Now we’ve got to figure a way to stabilize Iraq without losing many more American lives in the process. A flash on that topic would be much more interesting and up to date.

Agreed. We have been beating a dead horse with this topic, as we all know pretty much everyone on the forum hates bush.

BMO read my mind. >_>;

Ditto, and I’m English.

Big Nutter
Bush, GW: "God Bless Waffles

It goes without saying that outside of the US Bush is even less popular. But I don’t understand the english. If they don’t like Tony Blair then why is he still in charge?

Becouse we can’t find a replacement party. Blair’s not to bad, It just Blair’s does quite a lot of the thing that Bush Tells us to.

The offical “Oppostion”, The Consetives, haven’t been heard for some time. I’ve even forgot who the leader is, that how boring the are. Appears that they Don’t know who their Voters are.

The Lib Dems (3rd largest) are not big enough to KO Tony Blair. But they’ll get my vote next year.

It’s a bit of a pickle. It’s hard to convince us kids (18-30), cos we think they are all the same.

The Biggest Problem over the last year has been Iraq and several things becouse of the lack of WMD. An now the EU. (I think we had a 5 minites of about Hungry’s entry in to the EU on 6 O’Clock news (it’s 30 min))

Big Nutter
So VOTE in the other party so we can have a governing Goverment

Nothing new.