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yes, you have to tell us how much youre paying for those mindblowing graphics. <3

It was made with the Gimp, it is free. Was the first time I used it to draw something.

Most times the fire alarms at my school (or school bells) go off just because of some glitch in the system.

The most interesting thing that ever happened was during my Freshman year when both my HS and the Junior High next to us got locked down with us inside because the SWAT team was trying to get a guy threatening suicide. They called it Code Blue and it ran for like three periods and lunch.

Did you get to eat lunch?

Err… Anyway, nothing too exciting seems to happen at my old schools… A school close to us had a bomb threat and a murder note directed at the principal.

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It was made with the Gimp, it is free. Was the first time I used it to draw something.

That’s no excuse, the GIMP is every bit as powerful as Photoshop.

Nul, for no reason other than boredome, here’s the equation for maturity.

Maturity (x) = x^3-32x^2+256x

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[b]Nul, for no reason other than boredome, here’s the equation for maturity.

Maturity (x) = x^3-32x^2+256x [/b]

The genius is in its simplicity.

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Did you get to eat lunch?

About two hours late.
Of course the schools were ticked about the way we reacted. Ya see, during code Blue, everyone is supposed to shut up and not go calling outside of the school. But every kid was pulling out their cells to call up others to find out what the heck was going on. Plus we had no idea if it was a drill or something actually happened so we just treated it like a joke (for the first half hour).

Canandaigua Middle School is infamous for it’s assholes and their pranks involving the fire department. Fire alarms, Bomb threats, fake gun threats, we’ve had them all. Thank God I stopped going there.

It’s a big deal because that $20000 might be used in part to pay a teacher’s salary. Basically, someone could have to be fired because some little idiots decided to pull a fire alarm.

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See, the weird thing about my school is that my school is pretty mellow. Theres never been any massive teasing or harassment of any one person. Nobody has ever gotten hazed, nothing like that. People gets made fun of, but thats High School, and that’s just life in general, so when people talk about shit like that I can never get too phased because I don’t really know what it means.

Yeah that’s what my schools like too.

Haha, that many false firealarms though? I’m surprised they got away with it.

The fire department is required to come to a school when a fire alarm goes off, even if they are already tending to a fire. They will leave a burning building and let it burn down for a false alarm at a school.

The thing that bothers me so much about it is how that sort of thing could affect other people. The fire department’s too busy responding to false alarms at a school, so what happens when someone really needs help?

This sort of thing is why the anti-war protests in San Francisco in March involving jamming traffic bothered me so much. “Yes, please stand in the middle of a major intersection and do nothing constructive to present your views, and maybe while you’re at it some ambulance or fire trucks won’t get someplace in time to make a difference.”

I guess some people just don’t think beyond their own little worlds, however those might be situated.

Hmmmm… did you save a turtle by any chance?

Heh, my high school was hell, which is why I dropped out.

Fire alarm pranks like this almost once a week, fake bomb threats 4 times while I was there, WHOLE SCHOOL rushes on a single person (One kid died, many more went to hospital) many times and once or twice there were gang fights on the school playground, harrasment was almost everywhere and one girl was raped.

It was always very close to being shut down, unfortunately it never was. At one point the metropolitan police decided to constantly have two police officers on duty just for that school.

Woah, shit. I thought mine was bad with people getting pushed down stairs.

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Hmmmm… did you save a turtle by any chance?

Heheh yeah, the wee little turtles.