Interesting Day..

So I got just home from a long day from school. When I was in the parking lot this morning I noticed everyone standing outside so I realized we were having a mock fire drill. No big deal, everyone’s happy because we get to miss 20 minutes or so of class, and plus the administration warned us last week that we would soon be having one. only (problem?) is, this wasn’t a scheduled fire drill, someone deliberately pulled the alarm which rarely happens around here. So yeah we go back in.

Next class, about a half hour later, the alarms went off again. Naturally we all thought this was the actual scheduled fire drill but no, it wasn’t, someone was being an ass again and pulled another alarm. The teachers are getting pretty pissed, not to mention the fire fighters are noticing a trend. Yeah we got the big trucks and sirens and everything :stuck_out_tongue: They even tooted for us:yipee:

Later when we go back in we get an announcement saying how much a criminal offense this is, that we have run up $5000 dollars in fines from the cops and the fire station, and that whoever gets caught will be expelled and will do jail time. (What a way to scare someone, yeah like they’ll give themselves up after hearing <i>that</i>) They(the princible and staff) ask anyone if they have information to come forward and tell someone…pfft.

Five minutes after that the alarms ring again. We evacuate once more and everyone’s naturally pleased, though every staff member looks pissed and of course we figure the fire fighters aren’t so happy either showing up for the third time in three hours. They leave, we go back in school. Lunch commences.

One class passes uneventfully but when we just sit down in our next class the alarms ring again:thud: Now people are getting annoyed, the police on patrol have not caught anyone, the fire trucks show up once more and we get informed we have run up a 20 000 dollar debt. How it is that huge is beyond me, but apparently the teachers are saying these drills aren’t doing anything but harm to our education and that the money will come from our time and our school board (basically saying we will indirectly pay the fines). i don’t see how this is such a bad thing to US. I mean, the only people being affected are actual people in need whose houses are burning down or something like that…we hadn’t heard any other sirens in town other than the trucks coming to our own school so some of us figure that the fact staff telling us how much of a selfish act this is, is a load of bull. I thought it was a fun day, sure I feel bad for the fire fighters and direct people involved but I don’t see how one day will affect our education, which they stressed over and over.
So yeah I had a very different day, nothing fun ever happens to our school like that :stuck_out_tongue: I pity the poor bastard who gets caught for this.

IF they get caught. I doubt it.

Ah yes…hs students being retards, it still happens in college, typically because of HS visits though. It IS a big deal if your school accumulated 20000 bucks in debt because school bugets are REALLY tight and this can affect a lot of things that a lot of people care for and the general quality of life since money doesn’t grow on trees. Either that or the school could mention that there will be higher taxes in a letter explaining why, which could def piss off parents. I’m surprised the guy was never caught; that’s impressive.

Something happen like this when I was in fifth grade. We didn’t get to go to St. luois because they used our field trip money to pay the firefighters. They never caught you did it.

Then when I was in eighth grade a kindergartener pulled it over and over again till he was caught so… who knows.

There’s a reason I didn’t particularly like high school: grown teenagers who act like they just started puberty, dammit.

Are you sure it wasn’t just broken? :-/

I’m sure it wasn’t because this is typical.

Well, all I can say is this: it was funny ONCE.
But too much is too much.

Unfortunately. One wonders what’s so funny about it really. It’s jsut stupid, wastes time and moeny better put to use elsewhere.

But then, like I said, many High Schoolers are not known for thier brains or maturity.

Originally posted by StarStorm
There’s a reason I didn’t particularly like high school: grown teenagers who act like they just started puberty, dammit.

I’m with you there man. I felt like I was the most mature student in the whole damn school!

Something happened like that at my high school too but it was two bomb threats instead of false alarms. Not only did we have the firefighters, but the police with bomb sniffing dogs too.

Oi. I think you have me beat in the immature teenager department. That or just plain assholish.

Ah yes bomb threats. My school had those years ago. I imagine those are terrifying.

Yeah it’s weird no one got caught when our hallways were being patrolled. Probably a few people were involved and it was a different person each time, but so far I heard of one guy whom I do not know of that is being rumoured to be responsible, so say a few people.

Tennager immaturity… Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of it, enough to last a lifetime.

When I was in 6th grade, after Columbine, someone wrote on a bathroom stall “On September 7th everyone dies” or something. They also wrote something on the football field in shaving cream or something. Anyway, on September 7th we had police everywhere. There were undercover cops and stuff (we could tell, there weren’t normally that many visitors walking around the campus). We had cops on the roof, and I heard someone saw a sniper or two. The kid was caught and expelled, but it was interesting nontheless.

We actually had a real bomb go off in a school here. Not the one sis and I went to, though… Part of the same school burned down this spring, but they were going to close it in a few years anyway, so they only have temporary buildings there now.

Originally posted by StarStorm
Oi. I think you have me beat in the immature teenager department. That or just plain assholish.

Well, maybe not the whole student body :hahaha; . I have to say at least two thrirds of the girls were grade-A airheads and most guys had their “cliques”, and thought they were all cool and that shit.

I’ll admit that I was a complete suck-up in high school though. The library staff couldn’t live without me (I answered pretty much all computer questions and I didn’t even work there). I didn’t have the best grades in my class (although I was in the top half), I think I made up for it with my mature attitude (This board is one of the few places I actually let myself loose that a little bit) though.

I just shook my head when I heard guys talking about backyard wresting or going 100 miles an hour on the highway and dodging cops while I was doing homework. Oh well, at least I’m at college now where most people are actually half way decent.

See, the weird thing about my school is that my school is pretty mellow. Theres never been any massive teasing or harassment of any one person. Nobody has ever gotten hazed, nothing like that. People gets made fun of, but thats High School, and that’s just life in general, so when people talk about shit like that I can never get too phased because I don’t really know what it means.

I’m curious as to what I’m gonna be like when I live on my own. It should be…interesting. To say the least.

They should someone near each alarm. If any a retard wanted to do the pull he would be caught.

My school had that problem once. The staff got so pissed they overreacted. They put cameras in the corridors. If someone tried to pull an alarm (or do any other retarded thing) they’d be caught in video.

Yeah that will probably come next. Just a situation like this is ironic, if they wanted to prevent it so badly they should have had some evidense trail such as ink exploding when the alarm gets pulled or something. It was kind of ridiculous of how they failed to prevent the situation. Oh well I’m biased I never liked our school system anyways.

Do I have to say anything more?