Interesting actor

Perfect part for him. I look at him, and I think milkman from 1905.

He certainly has an impressive resume.

Heh … I recognized his name, but didn’t know who he’d played. Now I’ll probably know him as “Dr. Octopus” …

I don’t know him.
I suppose I’m the only one.

But do anyone of you know Kevin Conway?

Originally posted by Nulani
I don’t know him.
I suppose I’m the only one.

Umm… apparently you didn’t read the article. =p

Heh, I’m a big fan of Fiddler on the Roof (I’ve watched the movie, with Chaim Topol, a bunch of times). From what I’ve heard about this guy, he lacks the sort of larger-than-life in-your-face firmness that Tevye’s really meant to have… the Tevye I know has an extremely hearty voice, a sense of humor, but a very strict mentality and a stare like gimlets. (Kind of like a lot of actual Jews I know, although a bit simpler.) Also… true, you don’t have to be Jewish to play Tevye, but it’s much harder to convince the audience if you’re not, IMO. Although truthfully, I think Topol did a better job than Mostel since he was actually a Russian Jew, if I recall correctly.

/me is rambling again… -_-

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Umm… apparently you didn’t read the article. =p

I did.
But from what I read: Everyone knew him, they just didn’t know it until someone revealed it to them. But from scumming through it, I haven’t seen any of the films he’s been in, so I don’t.

I saw him in “Not Without My Daughter.”

so you missed him in Ladyhawke?

Ha! How cool. He was awesome in Chocolat, not to mention his other roles… This guy sure can get around. ^^