Intense Tetris Action

Japanese video game players aren’t human. It’s just not possible.

Seen it before, he is crazy end of story.


I’d be impressed if it was real. Too bad it’s so conspicuously not. If you pay attention you can see several moves that aren’t possible in tetris, such as blocks fitting into holes they’re too big for. You don’t even have to watch it twice to notice those things either.

Somehow, I don’t feel very impressed. I don’t why.

It has to be possible to beat Tetris. It has to be!

and here i was thinking i played a good tetris game… geesh!

You sure? It IS deathmode after all, if you’re quick on the flip you can sneak blocks in rather odd positions, it looks like alot of trouble to make fake footage.

Curses, I was hoping for some hot, intense Tetris action, but now you’re telling me they’re fake?

Ah, finally, my first chance on these boards to do THIS! [WHAMF WHAMF WHAMF]

I’m still downloading the video, but don’t forget about those megaman and mario scams we saw recently, they were all done via savestates with some emulator I forgot the name (I think Hiryuu knows it). The same could happen with tetris…

Edit: Ok, I watched it, didn’t know about the hands on the right side :stuck_out_tongue:
If it is a scam, it’s quite well done.

Tre, but the difference with THIS one is we acctually the guy PLAYING it.

Well, I could’ve sworn I saw quite a few blocks overlap other blocks. That goes beyond the definition of sneaking blocks into holes where there’s ample space. Then again, it WAS early in the morning.

And I also have a hard time believing anyone can play that fast. I mean, I know there’s unbelieveably quick players, but that’s a little overboard. I regularly play on the fastest mode in any tetris game, and I’m still skeptical that anyone can play quite so lightning fast. You’d almost have to know your tertiary move faster than your next move, and in a fraction of a second.

…this is just wrong.

I think the clip was actually fast forwarded, but I could be wrong.

It would make sense for the clip to be fast-forwarded.

If not…